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“It’s my story. They need to get permission from me to sell my story.”

Cassandra Sainsbury claims she did not give her family permission to sell her story to 60 Minutes.

The 22-year-old told News Corp Australia she was shocked when she heard about the proposed deal with the current affairs program. She also said she did not give her mother, Lisa Evans, and sister, Khala, permission to share her story with the Australian media.

“My mum and sister haven’t told me anything of what they’re doing,” she said. “They’re just going out and doing it on their own. That’s my problem.”

“It’s my story. They need to get permission from me to sell my story.”

Lisa Evans and Khala have arrived in Bogota with a Nine Network film crew, but Sainsbury is refusing to see them until she speaks to her fiancé, Scott Broadbridge.

It’s reported Sainsbury’s mother and sister initially asked for $1 million to share their version of events, and the final figure agreed upon is said to be “eye-watering”.

According to media reports, Broadbridge has also signed his own deal with rival Sunday Night. 

Sainsbury, a former personal trainer from Adelaide, has been held inside El Buen Pastor prison since she was found with 5.8kg of cocaine hidden inside headphone boxes in her suitcase at El Dorado International Airport a month ago.

cassie sainsbury family media deal
The first photo of Cassie in prison. Image via Channel Nine.

The 22-year-old also told News Corp she was "tricked" into posing for a photo inside the prison, which has since been shared with the Australian media.

She claims people are taking advantage of the fact she doesn't speak Spanish.

“So I didn’t give permission for that to go out nor did I know that it was going out," she said. "And then the girl that took it and the other girls that were involved in it, they’re completely denying it which I don’t even know why they’re bothering to deny it."

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Sainsbury also claims she is being "abused" by local women in the prison because of the media attention her case has attracted.

“They were pushing me around, telling me I am problematic and that foreigners are no good,” she said.

Her family's exclusive interview with 60 Minutes will air on Sunday night.