Fresh claims Cassie Sainsbury was running from huge debt when caught with cocaine.

After a failed business venture two years ago, it’s believed Adelaide woman Cassandra Sainsbury may have been running from tens of thousands of dollars debt when she took off overseas.

The 22-year-old personal trainer is currently facing drug trafficking charges in Colombia, but according to residents of the town she left behind, she has a history of bad behaviour.

In 2015, Sainsbury opened Yorke’s Fitness which failed within just six months, despite charging an $800 a year membership fee, Seven News reports.

When the Yorketown business failed, its owner seemingly vanished overnight.

Source: 7 News

"When she left town, there was rent owing on the premises,” local florist Lyn Gates told Seven News.

"It was a shock to me, plus the community ... All of a sudden, she just took off and not paid - nicked - the rent and the equipment just disappeared."

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It's alleged Sainsbury launched the venture with the help of her wealthy former boyfriend, Luke Tape,  who was also left out of pocket when she skipped town.

She is now facing more than two decades behind bars after being caught with 5.8kg of cocaine at El Dorado International Airport on April 12, allegedly hidden inside her suitcase.

Sainsburys arrest occurred on the tail-end of an international trip with stops including China and the United states.

Her last night was spend in a $40-a-night hotel room in Bogota, with CCTV footage capturing her last moments of freedom smiling at the checkout desk, unaware she would soon be trapped in a nightmarish situation.