What Casey Donovan thought when she first saw her chosen man on Blind Date.

Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan hasn’t been the luckiest in love.

Earlier this year she shared the exact moments leading up to her heartbreaking discovery that her long-term relationship with a man called Campbell was in fact a hoax. After six years she discovered she was being catfished by a woman called Olga, who Casey had become “best friends” with.


Now, to find some romance, Casey turned to Channel Ten’s dating show Blind Date.

Appearing on The Project ahead of her episode airing on Monday night, Donovan said Blind Date was “a bit of fun”.

“If it’s the closest thing I can get to The Bachelorette so be it.”

Video by The Project

Answering the question of whether she was nervous on the show, Casey said she didn’t think she listened to a single thing that anyone said.

“It was really bizarre. The only thing I could recall was ‘dog’, so that was the winner,” she said to laughs from the panel and audience.

So yes… The man she chose has sausage dog and we agree, that is really the only criteria that matters.

Also, his name is Will and he is a fireman.


Host Waleed Aly asked Casey about what she was thinking at the moment she first saw Will – who she said was a “really nice guy”.

“It’s just, ‘what have I done? What am I doing? Have I done the right thing? Was ‘dog’ enough?’. I think I was just laughing because I have a tendency to giggle.”

She said she was pleasantly surprised when she saw him, but the moment was a bit weird as Will recognised Casey but had no idea it would be her behind the wall.

“He was like ‘I’m so thankful that I knew you because then it would be even weirder’.”

We’ll find out how Casey and Will’s date went on Monday next week on Blind Date on Channel Ten at 7.30pm… Hopefully we (and Casey) also get to meet Will’s dog.