Baby boys Conner and Carter born connected at the abdomen.

Conner (L) and Carter (R) in hospital. (Photo: Facebook)

A woman has given birth to conjoined twin boys — just 11 months after their older brother, Gage.

Carter and Conner Mirabal were born on Friday 12 December in Jacksonville, Florida, connected at the abdomen and facing each other, weighing 5lbs each. They were born a month before their original due date.

The pair do not appear to share any organs — except from their livers, which appear to be connected, the Daily Mail reports — and their parents Michelle Brantley and Bryan Mirabal reportedly have no plans to surgically separate the two.

Michelle Brantley in hospital following the birth (Photo: Facebook)

The boys’ parents, who have shared their pregnancy journey on Facebook, wrote yesterday in a post that the babies had required emergency surgery after their birth.

“The boys were transferred to Wilson Wolfson Children’s Hospital. The boys are in the OR now and we’re needing some extra prayers for our baby boys,” they wrote. ” This surgery will not repair the problem but will buy more time to get through the weekend and or until the result come back from the MRIs and C.T scans.”

They added that the complications were due to the boys having been born with their stomach open and some of their organs exposed.



(Photo: Facebook)

Brantley and Mirabal later posted an update on their crowdfunding page that “(t)hings are still up in the air.”

“Carter is still having some heart complications but they did say his heart is strengthening! They are both on breathing machine but overall they are doing good,” they wrote.

The parents later posted: “The boys are doing good.”

The survival rate for conjoined twins is between five and 25 per cent, the Daily Mail reports. However, a post by Bryan’s sister Jasmine Mirabal suggests the boys have a better chance of survival than that.

“We are asking for prayers because theres a 50% chance they wont make make it,” Ms Mirabal wrote on the family’s crowdfunding page. “We also are asking for help financially because this being so unexpected we need help in getting our vehicle back running for the MANY doc appointments and other unexpected expenses due to the diagnosis.”


Michelle Brantley during her pregnancy (Photo: Facebook)

You can donate to the family’s crowdfunding page here.

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