Congratulations to Carrie Underwood.

Such exciting news.

Carrie Underwood has had her first baby, and shown us a gorgeous photo plus told us the name all in one big announcement.

The 31-year-old took to Instagram and posted a picture of her new son’s dainty hands and tiny feet to tell the world that she had brought a little bundle of joy in to the world.

Carrie revealed her baby boy’s name in the photo’s caption too.

The beautiful hand and foot. Image via @carrieunderwood Instagram.

The captions said, "Tiny hands and tiny feet...God has blessed us with an amazing gift! Isaiah Michael Fisher - born on February 27. Welcome to the world, sweet angel!"

We love the country music singer's choice of name, Isaiah and can't wait to get a full shot of the gorgeous little bub.

This was Carrie's first son with her hockey player husband, Mike Fisher. The couple have been together since 2008.

The singer will be kept very busy in her new mum role, after she launched a clothing line while pregnant last year as well as keeping up with her music career.

We know that she'll be able to juggle everything and will absolutely flourish in her motherhood role.

Congratulations to the new parents.

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