Just 7 questionable things we learned about working from home from Carrie Bradshaw.


It’s a new week, and many of us have now made the switch from working in an office to working from our homes.

And look – it’s ok to admit if you’re finding it a bit of a struggle. Struggling to concentrate, struggling to ignore your partner’s phone conference going on in the other room, struggling to turn your living area into a functional workspace…

So while we all try to adapt as best we can, who better to look to for some inspiration than the original WFH muse, Carrie Bradshaw?

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Carrie famously worked as a freelance dating columnist for the fictional New York Star – a gig she managed from the comfort of her bougie Upper East Side apartment, and one that seems to have single-handedly funded her designer wardrobe, shoe addiction, cigarette habit and busy social life.

And while much has been written about the financial impossibility of her situation, we couldn’t help but wonder… are there any actual lessons to be learnt from her laid-back approach to working from home?

We took it upon ourselves to revisit the Sex and the City box set to find out.

Lesson 1: Wear your most fabulous outfit for absolutely no reason.

If Carrie were in self-isolation right now, you just know she’d be sitting in front of her MacBook in an elaborate feathered jacket, sweatpants and heels.


There may be some merit to this. If you’re on a Zoom call, your colleagues don’t need to know about the sweatpants. Unless you want them to. Which Carrie definitely would, because fashion.

Image: Supplied.
Image: Supplied.

Lesson 2: Buy fashion magazines instead of dinner.

Carrie admits that when she first moved to New York, she'd buy copies of Vogue rather than dinner because she felt it "fed her more."

That's all well and good until you have to start eating paper.

Lesson 3: Push your partner away to indulge in your... weird personal rituals.

When Carrie and Aiden (RIP) move in together, she mourns the loss of her me-time and what she calls her 'secret single behaviour.' For her, that's eating crackers with jam while standing in the kitchen reading magazines. As you do.


And look, we're all mourning the loss of our personal space right now. But we say if you want to eat crackers in front of your partner, you go ahead.

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Lesson 4: Work from bed.

When she wasn't sitting at her little wooden desk next to the window, Carrie would write from bed. Or the floor. Pretty much all the professional advice about working from home says to avoid this scenario.

But we can't blame her - when you're living in a shoebox apartment, options are limited.

Lesson 5: Day drink.

Now that many of us have the freedom to set our own schedules, we can all take a lesson from Carrie's steadfast belief in the importance of lunch breaks. No one wants WFH burnout.

Is it wine o'clock yet?


Lesson 6: Have a fashion show in your closet.

Ok, after several days of solitude a live-streamed outfit montage via House Party might actually be a fun way to pass the time. Whatever works for you.

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Lesson 7: Don't back up your work, just hope for the best.

In one episode, Carrie has a conniption because her computer crashes, and laments: "No one talks about backing up... But apparently everybody's secretly running home at night and backing up their work."

That might be the most '90s thing we've ever heard, but true. Don't forget to back it up, guys.

What are you getting up to in self-isolation? Let us know in the comments.

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