Carrie Bickmore is all of us falling asleep on the job after a big night out.

On Monday night, Carrie Bickmore took a power nap.

Totally normal behaviour, right?

Yes, except it was on the set of The Project with 20 minutes to go before streaming live into the lounge rooms of millions of Australians.

The photo was captured by fellow Project host, Peter Helliar. (Source: Instagram)

It just goes to show, even the beautiful people on our TV screens aren't immune to a cheeky snooze on the job. Especially after hitting the drinks (or more importantly, the d-floor) on a big night out.

If not for Carrie so generously posting the moment to Instagram, people at home would never has guessed the 36-year-old television presenter had stayed up past her bed time at a Logie Awards after party.

Above the desk, all seemed in order, with Carrie's hair and makeup flawless as always.

But below... well, take a look for yourselves:

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The candid moment — captioned, "Like asleep...properly asleep...may have even drooled...#20minstoair" — captured Carrie in the middle of what we can imagine was a blissful nap, wearing a pair of leggings and some trusty Converse sneakers.

This is literally everything. Not just because this speaks to our sleep deprived, post-public holiday souls, but because taking a power nap in your active wear is the kind of contradiction the world needs more of.

Have you ever been caught out napping at work?

Listen: Carrie talks about the school pick up and drop off... in your track pants on I Don't Know How She Does It.