Carrie Bickmore is beautifully honest with Lisa Wilkinson on the Logies red carpet.

The Project co-host and 2015 Gold Logie winner Carrie Bickmore has revealed who she believes should have been nominated for this year’s award.

Bickmore was speaking to Today Show hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic on the red carpet when she opened up about the nominations.

The reveal came after Wilkinson commented on the co-hosts Gold Logie status.

“I feel like the loser of this lot, there’s two Gold Logies standing either side of me,” Wilkinson said.

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Bickmore replied by telling Wilkinson she should be nominated.

“I have no idea why you’re not up there, Lis, I watch you every morning and you should be on that list,” Bickmore said.

The weight of Bickmore’s words may have been lost as Wilkinson returned the compliment almost automatically.


“We watch you every night, don’t you worry about that.”

Wilkinson then asked Bickmore about the past twelve months as the reigning Gold Logie winner.

“Does it feel like 12 months has gone by?” Wilkinson asked

“So much has happened – honestly it feels about 3 months ago – so much has happened since then,” Bickmore said.

Bickmore then spoke about how she spent a large portion of 2015’s Logies tending to her daughter, Evie, who was only six-weeks-old at the time.

“It was all a bit of a blur.”

Bickmore has been nominated for the 2016 Gold Logie an will be competing against Waleed Aly, Lee Lin Chin, Scott Cam, Grant Denyer and Essie Davis.

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