Carrie Bickmore has a message for everyone posting photos from Europe right now.

It’s always a great time of year when the weather is cold, the afternoons are dark and the only hobby you have in the winter months is aimlessly scrolling your newsfeed.

Even better that that? When your feed is full of people humble-bragging about their European summer and faintly bronzed skin, unaware that you’re struggling through another over-caffeinated day at your desk, hiding from the rain and bitter winds.

Lucky for those of us at home, Carrie Bickmore is on the case of the European jet-setters.

Posting to Instagram on Monday afternoon, Bickmore admitted she genuinely can’t take “amazing holiday pics” anymore.

“To all of you holiday makers enjoying the European summer…I can’t take your amazing holiday pics anymore,” she wrote.


“Thankfully things aren’t so bad today here in dreary old Melbourne.”

And although she’s not wrong and that the Melbourne weather hasn’t been too bad lately, it’s certainly not a European sun burning down on our shoulders. Commenters were quick to agree, giving a new, deeper meaning to problems confined the first world.

Watch: Carrie Bickmore, on letting go of people pleasing. Post continues after video.

“I hear ya, I’ve got people in Greece & Bora Bora I couldn’t be more jealous,” one wrote.

Another lamented Facebook memories throwing your older, happier times in your face. Because it is all Facebook’s fault.

“The worst is when Facebook shows you where you were a year ago.. I was in Europe for a few months. That’s also depressing,” they wrote.

And others? Others were just happy the sun came out in Melbourne in a rare dose of Melbourne sunshine.

“Right On! Stunning day in Melbourne today!”

Europe might have sun, but we have Carrie Bickmore so who is the real winner here?

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