'The Project' viewers are losing their minds over Carrie Bickmore's new hair.

There was something unmistakably different about tonight’s episode of The Project: Carrie Bickmore has left her golden locks behind to embrace the deep shades of chocolate brown.

The popular host appeared on tonight’s episode with a brand new hair colour that looked straight out of a shampoo commercial.

And that comparison wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

The change was cryptically hinted at on Bickmore’s Instagram account just minutes before it debuted.


“Been up to something exciting with these guys over the weekend for Garnier. Can’t wait to show you tonight!” she captioned the post.

Comedian Peter Helliar started the ball rolling with a throw to his new “brunette bombshell” co-host.

Bickmore laughed and explained the change may be sudden but it was a long time coming.

“I’ve had the same colour hair for 35 years and I was bored and I thought, ‘Why not?'” she explained.

“I’m giving it a whirl!”

Source: Screenshot/Channel 10.

The mother of two also shared the adorable comments son Oliver has made about the change.

"My son's not dealing with it well... quite yet," she said.

"He looks at me and goes, 'When's old Mummy coming back?'"

Fans have already begun swarming connected social media pages with compliments. (Post continues after gallery.)

"Carrie's hair looks fantastic! She should've done it ages ago," one user wrote on The Project's Facebook page.

"Wow Carrie, your hair looks gorgeous. I love the colour, its a whole new you!" another user wrote.

Even fellow colleagues have publicly congratulated the presenter for the bold change, including Studio 10's Sarah Harris.

We're loving it too.

Because as we all know: brunettes have more fun. We're just better at hiding it.

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