Carrie Bickmore's got a tough new personal trainer.

Behind every fit celebrity body is a personal trainer who’s not afraid to make the owner work for it. Hard. Just ask Britney Spears — her trainer makes her walk backwards on a treadmill.

Carrie Bickmore has enlisted a new trainer to help her get back into the swing of exercise following the birth of her daughter Evie earlier this year, and apparently this guy is “brutal”.

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Having seen the evidence, we’re not about to argue — in a new Instagram collage, The Project co-host is depicted holding a plank, doing push-ups and practising boxing at home with her tough new companion. Our arms are aching in empathy.

“I’ve got a new trainer. He is 7. He is brutal. But he gives the best cuddles at the end #slowlygettingbackintoit #healthymind #family #fitness #sunday,” Bickmore, 34, explained in her caption.

Nice form, Carrie.


Yep, this tough taskmaster is actually Bickmore's son Oliver, a.k.a 'Ollie'. We reckon Bickmore's onto something here. A supervised workout in the comfort of your own home — at mates' rates, we can only guess — with cuddles afterwards... How many PTs offer services like that?

This isn't the first time Ollie's had an influence on his mum's exercise routine.

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A few years ago, Bickmore took up running because it allowed her to stay fit while not having to spend too much time away from her then-four-year-old, who she was raising as a single mother. Bickmore's first husband, Greg Lange, sadly died of brain cancer in 2010 when Ollie was three.

"I hated the idea of going off to the gym and leaving Ollie for an hour. I found I could go running for 20 minutes, and achieve a lot fitness-wise in not as much time," the Garnier spokeswoman told Body and Soul. (Post continues after gallery.)


Bickmore welcomed Evie, her first child with partner Chris Walker, in March.

We reckon the Gold Logie winner could get both her kids involved in her exercise regimen — she might just need to take a leaf out of Erin McNaught's book.

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Earlier this year, the Aussie model admitted she had been using her five-month-old son Evander as a [very cute] strength training assistant. “[A] great way to get back into shape is to use your baby as your weights!” she told the website Wonderful Mama. (Post continues after video.)

“You can also do squats while holding him or lay him on the floor and do push-ups over the top of him, giving him a kiss or blowing a raspberry on his tummy with each time you go down. Incidental exercise all adds up."

McNaught also recommended running around the house holding a baby as an aeroplane: “Van laughs his head off when I do this. Your baby will love the bonding time and your arms will burn!”

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The big learning here: Kids are great. And also quite useful.

How do you stay fit as a mum?