Celeb in 5: Friday’s best entertainment and gossip news.

Crack open the champagne and pass us a glass, friends. Friday is here and if we’ve ever been itching for some sugary sweet celebrity news, it’s now.

Shall we?

1. Carrie Bickmore expressed milk in a couture frock at the Logies. Deserves all the cake

Ah, the Logies. Truly TV’s night of nights.

But as The Project co-host shared on Thursday night, the awards show is not all glamour and J’Aton. Actually, there’s a breast pump or two thrown in the mix, too.

“I was in the toilet at the Logies, six weeks after Evie [was born], expressing because my boobs were so big they were coming out of my top,” the 36-year-old shared on national television about the experience that made her think: “This mum-life-work-life thing isn’t working the way I planned!”


The conversation came about when the panel discussed radio personality Abby Coleman, who has admitted returning to work three weeks post-birth was “way too soon”.

“You know, I look back and don’t know what I was doing, going back after three weeks was way too soon,” the HIT 105 presenter said during the week.

“There’s now a few celebrities I can’t look in the eyes because they had to come in the studio and deal with me expressing with a double pump.”

Like Dory (kinda) told us in Finding Nemo, just keep swimming pumping, ladies. Just keep pumping.

2. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s couple name is what our lamest dreams are made of

Image: Getty.

In case you missed it, your relationship is meaningless unless you have a super cool and fun couple name. You know, the very complex and time-consuming process of putting two names next to one another and figuring out the combination that sounds the least wanky.

First we had Bennifer, then Brangelina. And now... J-Vanka.

According to US Cosmopolitan, Ivanka Trump and husband, Jared Kushner started using the nickname (which sounds like a 2000s rapper, does it not?) back in 2007 when they were on-again-off-again in New York's dating scene.

Now not to jinx anything, but we can't help but notice the fates of certain celebrities couples with horrific nicknames haven't turned out so well.

... Just an observation.

3. Is Taylor Swift still with that boyfriend we all forgot existed?

Image: Getty.

While the world has been obsessed with what Kimye went and made Taylor Swift do, the 27-year-old has been quietly dating British actor, Joe Alwyn like it's nobody's business.

And before you ask... there's no song (yet) which is kind of why we pretty much forgot about this relationship.

A 'source' close to the Grammy-winning artist told People Magazine the pair are 'very happy together', which is quite possibly the vaguest relationship descriptor we've ever heard but we'll take what we can get.

"Her decision to keep her relationship with Joe quiet is making her happy,” says the source. “They have been getting to know each other slowly without any pressure," they said.

Here's hoping Taylor's future hits focus on her incredible career, strong female friendships and overall happiness from here on out.

4. Attention waiters: Amy Schumer tips generously. Verrrry generously

Big tipper right here.(Image via Getty.)

A Boston waitress this week learned it really pays to be attentive to celebrities when they dine at your restaurant.

Comedian Amy Schumer left a whopping US$500 (AU$630) tip for the university student when she paid her US$80 (AU$100) bill.

While the service was probably great, it was more a case of Schumer having severe nostalgia.

"(Amy) was very nice," restaurant owner Joe Milano told People. "She said to (the server) that she was once a waitress and knew how hard it was."

Apparently, the server was "really happy" with the tip.

Which is... well... not at all surprising.

5. There's a new royal baby and how did we all miss this?

The especially good-looking Swedish royal family. (Image via Getty.)

Swedish royals Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia have welcomed a baby boy into the world and in the tradition of most royal births, we don't know his name yet.

However, Carl Philip did confirm that the baby was "a very cute boy".

Normally, we'd be less inclined to believe that to be true because A) every parent thinks their baby is cute and B) not all babies are cute. Sorry.

But just after seeing photos of the 38-year-old Jamie Dornan look-alike with his former model wife, we're willing to take his word for it.

The little boy joins big brother, one-year-old Prince Alexander.

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