Carrie Bickmore has discovered a side of being brunette nobody warns you about.

If you’ve been watching The Project this week, you’ll be aware the show’s beloved host Carrie Bickmore has returned from her summer holiday.

She’s definitely got that post-vacay glow happening, helped in no small part by her newly “freshened up” hair colour.

On Tuesday night’s episode, Bickmore’s dark brown hair was visibly lighter, thanks to some new highlights.

As she explained on Instagram, the 36-year-old’s new colour served another, all-too-relatable purpose — grey coverage.

“I started going grey in my mid-20s but it’s now an all out assault! Or maybe it’s just that I can see them now with brown hair,” Bickmore, a natural blonde who turned to the dark side last year, wrote.

Ah, yes. While there are plenty of benefits to being a brunette (hello, shiny locks), the heightened grey visibility might be considered a bit of a downside.

Carrie Bickmore before and after her big colour change last year. Image: The Project, Network Ten

"Maybe I will just go with it one day and go fully grey. How liberating would that be ladies," the mum of two continued, before asking her followers whether any of them had gone down that track.

A number of Bickmore's fans said they had indeed embraced their greys, and shared their experiences.

"I have done it and its awesome. No more hours in hairdresser. All the years of dyeing my hair has taken its toll on my scalp also. DO IT," one wrote. (Post continues after gallery.)


"I'm slowly going grey so I get highlights all over to try to blend them in," one shared.

"I'm 33 and almost entirely grey, it is glorious! Not to mention liberating, silver fox all the way," another added.

You know what? That does sound pretty glorious. Whatever Carrie decides to do, we have no doubt it'll look wonderful.

Listen to our interview with Carrie on the I Don't Know How She Does It podcast here: