Carrie Bickmore's tearful announcement on The Project.

It was the announcement that caused her voice to break.

The Project co host Carrie Bickmore has sent out a truly heartfelt thank you to those who supported her fundraising efforts by buying the line of beanies she promoted in support of brain cancer.

“Because of your generosity we have reached our million dollars [goal];  1.1 million,” she announced through tears.

The humble message was broadcast on Monday’s episode of The Project, alongside a small slideshow of those affected by the disease.

Project Co-Hosts Waleed Aly and Carrie Bickmore. Source: Screenshot/Network 10.

Bickmore said she was overwhelmed by those who supported the 'Carrie's Beanies for Brain Cancer', even apologising to those who were unable to purchase a beanie as they had sold out.


"Next year we will order three times as many beanies," she said.

Source: Screenshot/Network 10.


A slideshow of supporters was shown before they slowly transformed into the image of one smiling man.

Bickmore explained it was her late husband Greg who inspired her to begin what has become a truly powerful campaign.

"The image we're about to see is of my late husband Greg and he is the reason I did this all," she said.

Carrie Bickmore's late husband Greg. Source: Screenshot/Network 10.


"And I want to say to anybody who is suffering from brain cancer right now: we will use this money and we will use it to try and make your future brighter."

The campaign commonly known under the hashtag #carriesbeaniesforbraincancer began only a year ago. (Post continues after gallery.)

Supporters were encouraged to purchase the beanies and snap a pic of them proudly bearing their support.

Bickmore said those who missed out on purchasing one could still support the cause via a donation to her website.

Featured image: Screengrab/Channel 10