Why we won't see Carrie Bickmore return to her original golden blonde.

Since she changed her hair colour to dark brown as part of her partnership with Garnier in August last year, Carrie Bickmore has ever so (very) slowly been making her way back to the light side.

It’s been such a slow and gradual process, going from brunette to bronde, that we almost didn’t notice it until recently.


Last week, she shared a post-hairdresser visit photo in which the darker ‘do of the past year has pretty much disappeared.

But if you’re expecting The Project host to return to her original golden blonde, you may be disappointed.


While she’s returned to the lighter spectrum, the 36-year-old won’t be going as blonde as she was.

“Carrie was keen to have a lot of length taken off and to go lighter with more foils as she was after more variation. We used a lighter shade all over as well as some freehand work,” her hairdresser, ELEVEN Australia’s co-creative director and three-time Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Joey Scandizzo told Mamamia of her latest hair change.

“Her brief was to not go back as blonde as she was, but lighter with a multi-tonal effect.”


The process isn’t over yet though – Scandizzo says they’ll assess how it grows out and fades, then go from there.

“We will possibly just refresh with freehand foils and a toner, Carrie does not want to go back to her original block golden blonde. She wants to keep it natural and modern,” he says.

Scandizzo says the biggest mistake people make when suddenly going lighter is trying to do too much in one go.

“And having unrealistic expectations in what can be achieved in one visit! Also, you need to make the right shade choice for skin tone…the wrong blonde shade can really alter someone’s appearance.”

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While products like Olaplex have made it possible to undergo dramatic hair changes in a day, he says it’s important to take your time, if you can.

“It is important to take your time so you keep hair in optimal health, you get the best results from hair that is in good condition. Plus when lightening hair, you can also cause too much warmth to the tone by pushing it too fast,” he says.

“Trust your hairdresser as well as only doing what the hair will let you do. Depending on the hair type, condition of the hair and how much artificial colour is on there, it’s important to see what the hair will let you do and how far you can safely push it using a bond multiplier in the colour mix, like BLONDpro which we use in the salon.”

If you are considering going from brunette to blonde, the celebrity hairstylist and ELEVEN Australia co-creative director says you should put together a hair plan with your hairdresser that outlines what stages you will go through colour-wise.

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“You might need to cut a bit of your length off to reach your goals faster. You will also need the right products to use at home assist each stage,” he says.

“It’s also important to ask how your hair texture may change and if the change will it suit you, as well as what shade and placement of colour will suit you.”

At home, you will need to use special products to make sure you’re taking care of your hair.

“Most blondes need equal parts of repair, moisture and a toning shampoo or conditioner and treatments. Everyone’s hair is different so their home hair care will be different, you really need to listen to your hairdresser for the right ‘script’ for your hair,” he says.

“I never let my blonde clients leave without ELEVEN Australia Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo, $25.95, and Treatment, $26.95, as well as ELEVEN Australia 3 Minute Repair, $26.95, for a dose of protein and moisture.”