10 things more interesting about Carrie Bickmore than her abs.


How boring and meh are personalities? And smarts! Smarts, too. Smarts are boring. Who cares about smarts? Not to mention charity. Charity is so not sexy. And running one? BLAH. I’d rather talk about abs, to be honest. Really well-carved abs.

Abs that change the world far quicker than a fundraiser can. After all, aren’t women only good for few things? Abs, legs, maybe a cute, nice little hair-do?

Oh, except women can talk, too. Women can speak. And they have brains! (Who knew?) Earth. Shattered.

Speaking of words and talking, here’s Carrie Bickmore on I Don’t Know How She Does It. Post continues after audio.

And here was I thinking – with all of this coverage of Carrie Bickmore’s abs this week after she posed on the cover of Women’s Health – that they were all she was good for? That she didn’t know how to speak? That she didn’t have working brain cells? That she didn’t have one of the most sought-after jobs in the industry?

So, in celebration of Carrie’s abs brain, here are 10 things more interesting than her abs.

  1. She runs her own charity. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Beanies for Brain Cancer was trending on Twitter the minute she began talking about it in 2015 at the Logies. She has raised money and given extraordinary time, energy and publicity to brain cancer.
  2. She has two kids. Ollie, who is 9, and Evie who is two.
  3. She is live on air for two hours every day. Make no mistake. Fronting both radio and television for two hours – two hours live – is no small feat. You have to be fast, whip-smart and across everything from pop culture to politics. And have great abs, too. Obviously. The abs keep her on her game.
  4. Which means that yes, she’s a mum and has two different jobs. Two jobs, two kids, busy mum, hard worker.
  5. One of which she fronted after the death of her husband. Imagine fronting work just months after losing your husband. Now imagine your work being live TV, and your job and your currency in being a bubbly, personable TV presenter. During the hardest time of her life, Carrie fronted TV, time and time again, put her troubles behind her and delivered the news, as if she didn’t have a worry in the world. If we’re talking about strength in adversity, here’s our mascot.
  6. She has a bloody Gold Logie. AKA that thing only one person on TV gets every year. AKA the award that literally translates to you being dubbed the most popular person on television that year.
  7. She has a one of the most sought-after jobs in the country. There are few jobs in this country that ask you to be across the news, as well as have personality while delivering it. It takes a special kind of person to nail both.
  8. She is also an ambassador for UNICEF. In 2012, she was named the Australian ambassador for UNICEF in the neo-natal tetanus program. Since then, she has said her own experience giving birth – one littered with health complications – led her to her work with UNICEF to help others access the kind of care she did.
  9.  She has been inducted onto the Victorian Honour Roll of Women. In 2017, Carrie was inducted onto the Victorian Honour Roll of Women in recognition of her work as a “charitable and inspirational role model for women and girls”
  10. She is, from all reports, really bloody nice. 

But you already knew all that, didn’t you? And yet, here we are, our news cycle saturated with news about her stomach.

Perhaps we ought to do something more productive. Here’s a link to Carrie’s fundraising page.