NSFW: 2 guys, 1 fish, a whole lot of sexual tension. What could possibly go wrong?

It wouldn’t be the end to 2014 if we couldn’t round it up with a guy putting his penis in to something strange.

Because this year we thought we’d seen it all – from the guy who had sex with a pizza pocket to the guy who was born with two penises. Surely there was nothing left, but boy were we wrong.

The latest addition to this series of strange penis adventures comes from a man who decided to have sex with a fish. Yep, a man has received oral sex from a giant carp while swimming in a river with a friend.

This is a carp (an innocent fish species).

The man’s identity is unknown, however the video of him getting a (ahem) blow job from a giant fish was shared on Facebook thousands of times and was uploaded to Reddit under the heading “2 guys 1 fish”. The video has since been taken off YouTube (thanks to all the fishy Gods).

No one wants to see the video (seriously you just don’t), but let us break it down for you.

Here’s a still if you’re curious.

It’s just wrong.

There are two male friends swimming in some murky water, while another friend films the scene in front of him. One friend on screen laughs as the other one puts his genitalia in the carp’s mouth. The men speak in a foreign language (apparently they are Romanian). We don’t even want to think about what they would be saying.

It’s been a bizarrely erotic and awful end to the year for the carp population – with a sexualised carp-fishing calendar (NSFW) making its way around the internet too.

From the calendar.

There’s something very fishy going on here (excuse the very necessary pun).

All we can say is that we hope NOW we’ve seen it all and that will be the end of the strange penis adventures…until next year.

What’s been the strangest thing you’ve seen this year?