This moving video reveals who homeless people really are.

When we see homeless people on the street, many of us make assumptions about what kind of person they are. Even if those assumptions are entirely subconscious, they might still be there.



Drug Addict.

But despite those subconscious assumptions, you can never know what that person’s story might be – as shown by this beautiful and arresting video from the Rethink Homelessness Campaign.

Watching the video, you learn about what these people have done in their past lives. What they have accomplished. What they have sacrificed.

Built robots.

Learned to speak four languages.

Surrendered their children, to save them from homelessness.

The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, who are running the Rethink Homelessness Campaign, are trying to change perceptions around homelessness – while also trying to find housing for  thousands of homeless people. You can learn more about the Rethink Homelessness campaign here.

Homelessness can happen to just about anybody. What would be on your cardboard sign?

To support the Homeless Population in Australia, visit Homelessness Australia.

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