FLUFF: Cara Delevigne posts cryptic naked photo on Instagram. Again.

Cara “Eyebrows” Delevingne has raised everyone else’s eyebrows with a strange naked photo.

The 21-year-old model, who is in Bali for a shoot, shared this bizarre image with her 5 million followers:

Yes, that is Cara. Naked and holding up two torches in front of her boobs and what seems to be a stop sign over her lady bits.

And no, we don’t know why. Our best guess is that she’s impersonating a train.

The British model, owner of majestic eyebrows, captioned the image simply as ‘Bali’. Cryptic, Delevingne, very cryptic.

Perhaps she joined the #freethenipple campaign, or maybe she just likes posting hilariously random shots on her Instagram.We’re guessing the latter, considering she is the owner of this face:

The star, who apparently-maybe-almost-definitely-possibly dated 35-year-old actress Michelle Rodriguez, is known for posting odd and hilarious pictures on her Instagram account. It’s kind of her thing. Speaking to The Guardian newspaper recently Cara said that if she had a daughter who wanted to be a model she would advise her against it:

“I’d say no, if that’s all she aspired to. You know, I get a lot of girls who say, ‘I just want to be a model so badly.’ And I think: you can do better than that. I mean, look, I do love it, I’m not saying anything bad about it, I just think you can do a lot more. if you have a brain, which everyone does, use it and try and do something else.”

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