This mum left her child's car seat outside overnight, and made a chilling discovery.

A mum from the US has warned other parents after finding a snake in her child’s car seat.

The mum, Devon Michelle Aucoin, had left the car seat outside overnight and when she re-installed it, she noticed ants on the seat.

Aucoin then uninstalled the car seat to remove the ants and discovered the snake curled up in the adjustment base of the seat.

“Parents, don’t leave car seats outside overnight,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Yesterday evening I sat our car seat outside next to the front door so I could put it in my car this morning,” Aucoin explained. “After installing it, I noticed a few ants on it so I took it back out [of] the car and took off all the covers to make sure there weren’t any more ants.

“Thankfully I did because – to my surprise – there was a SNAKE curled up inside the adjustment base.”

Aucion says she’s learnt her lesson and will never leave a car seat outside overnight again.

Her original post has been shared over 35 000 times, and while many people questioned why anyone would leave a car seat outside overnight to begin with, just as many admitted that they had done so themselves.

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Would you ever leave a car seat outside overnight?