The happy House Rules couple who really split ages ago.

How real do you want your reality TV? I’d say a little more real than this…

They hold hands as they walk towards a job site, buy flowers together and give candid interviews looking longingly into each other eyes. We believe in their love.

Getting a little bit violent there you two not-so-loved-up couple...

But while I'm totally sucked into House Rules' Ryan-Gosling-look-a-like Ryan and his bubbly partner Candy's relationship, I now find out that they've separated.

And that they basically split during the show.

Now as I watch them renovate Victorian contestants' Adam and Lisa's cottage home, their bickering and feigned affection just seems sad.

House Rules is lying to me, to us, their loyal fans.

Because in (real) reality, Candy exclusively told New Idea that, “Ryan pretty much confirmed that there was no love there and he wanted to move on.”

Ryan says, "We probably knew about the second reno in. We bandaged up the relationship and tried to make it work as best we could, but as soon as the show was finished, that was it."

Candy says going on the show made it clear to her they weren't going to last the distance. “I thought I’d be married with kids by now. I really thought I knew Ryan going into it, but I saw a completely different side to him.”

Candy and Ryan looking very anxious... maybe because their relationship has been exposed.

They have just had their beautiful Western Sydney house renovated to quirky perfection (they went for an art deco style).

So who gets to keep it?

"That’s up to Ryan," says Candy to New Idea.

"I want to sell the house but Ryan wants to keep it and maybe sell it in a couple of months without me. It’s in our solicitors' hands now."

These words are so cold in comparison to the Ryan I watched gleefully buy every freaking flower onsale at Masters last night in the garden renovations episode.

Reality dreams shattered. Again.

Do you feel cheated by this news? Could you notice a change in their relationship?

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