London terror survivor Candice Hedge recalls the moment she thought she would die.

Last Saturday night started out like any other for Candice Hedge, a Brisbane woman now living in London.

The 34-year-old was working at the busy cafe in the city’s popular Borough Market area alongside her British boyfriend Luke when, just after 10pm, terror swept through the tourist hot spot.

“Everyone was having a great time. Everyone was being merry. Everyone was having a laugh. We were just really enjoying ourselves, you know? Like a usual Saturday night,” Luke told journalist Melissa Doyle on Channel 7’s Sunday Night program.

The couple had no idea a van had just mowed through pedestrians on the high street outside, before crashing into a pub just metres from them.

Source: Sunday Night

They were also unaware three men armed with knives had then alighted from the wreckage of the vehicle and were headed in their direction.

"People started rushing forward into the restaurant... and someone just said, 'There's a guy outside with a knife,' and then before we knew it they were sort of approaching," Candice told Sunday Night.

"I saw two of them come in. I just sort of waited. They were behind me, basically beside me huddled down in the corner in the back of the restaurant and I could see in the reflection them walking in and panic just came over me."

The young Australian continued to crouch silently as a man was stabbed in front of her eyes, then his attacker turned to her.

"[As] he turned around, he spotted me there, and it was just one quick go, and that's it.

"He looked at me, I looked at him. I can't remember really what he looks like."

Candice had been stabbed in the neck, the knife narrowly missing her vocal chords and an artery.

She ran downstairs to find Luke as blood gushed from the wound in her neck.


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"That's when the worst thing I could have imagined actually happened. Candice comes running downstairs clutching her neck with a cloth. There was a brief moment where we were like, 'This might be it'," Luke said.

"I took her into the kitchen. I sat her down, and then she's just... All this blood. There was just so much blood."

Candice recalled the warmth of the blood on her hands and vomited three or four times, while her boyfriend of a year-and-a-half desperately tried to keep pressure on her wound.

"I was thinking for a moment that maybe I wasn't gonna make it. But it was just like, 'Focus on your breathing and stay awake.' Like, that's sort of what was going through my head."

Candice's boyfriend Luke. Source: Sunday Night

Candice was one of 50 injured in the attack which claimed the life of two of her fellow Australians, nurse Kirsty Boden and nanny Sara Zelenak.

Thankfully, she will make a full recovery from her injuries - a fact her father and sister celebrated after travelling from Brisbane to her bedside this week.

But no matter how much they'd surely love her home safe, Candice is determined to stay in London in the life she loves.

"I'm not going to be deterred. I've got more to do here," she said.

"The last thing I want is to be scared off by something like this.

"People are cowards, I guess, and I'm not going to let them change my life. I mean, they have, but I'm going to turn it to my advantage if I can. We can't let out lives be ruled by fear and we need to carry on... strong."

You can donate to Candice and her family via GoFundMe.