A dying single dad spent his final days desperately searching for a home for his young son.

A single dad, who lost his battle with cancer this month, spent his dying days trying to find a home for his four-year-old son.

Nick Rose, from Devon in the UK, was diagnosed with the terminal illness nine months ago and despite his pain he was determined to find his son, Logan, a good home.

The single dad lost his battle with cancer and passed away on January 3.

Four-year-old Logan has now been placed in a foster family in nearby Torquay.

Friends of the 40-year-old say he was an “amazing” dedicated father.

“Nothing came before Logan,” friend Aaron Crompton, 24, told The Sun.

“Logan was his life,” he added.

Logan’s mother had been absent since he was young, local media reported.

Rose had been in good spirits during his illness despite the aggressive cancer spreading from his bones to his lungs.

“Everything was a joke – he made a joke about everything, even the cancer,” Aaron said.

Aaron’s sister, Amy, has set up a fundraising page for the single father’s funeral.

“Nick found out he had cancer about nine months ago and tried to stay strong for his son for as long as possible, ” she wrote on Nick Rose’s JustGiving page.

“He very bravely arranged for his little boy to go to a foster family after he passed.

“Such a cruel world…Nick was an amazing person and Dad to four-year-old old Logan.

“Many people knew him and have only had good words to say about.

“He will be missed by many.”