Meet the bride who sacked her bridesmaid and best friend for being pregnant.

Three years ago and in the lead-up to her impending nuptials, Scottish journalist Eimear O’Hagan’s best friend fell pregnant.

They had been best friends for about 17 years and O’Hagan’s best friend was set to be a bridesmaid for her big day. Well, until the baby news came along.

Appearing on UK morning television program This Morning on Friday, O’Hagan said her decision to sack her bridesmaid was born from her disdain of children coming to weddings.

“I didn’t want her baby to be part of the wedding party because I really don’t agree with children being at weddings. I didn’t see how it would be possible otherwise because she would need to feed the baby and she would need to be with the baby while performing her bridesmaid duties,” she told the program.

She added it would’ve changed many pre-existing plans.

“It changes all the arrangements and schedules to try and accommodate breast feeding and babies being looked after. I didn’t want the focus to shift away from me and my husband-to-be on the wedding day.”

The journalist said at the time, she didn’t want her friend to be concerned with having to fit into a bridesmaid dress seven weeks after giving birth.

“I didn’t want that on her mind, I wanted her focus to be on the baby as much as I didn’t want the worry that she wouldn’t fit into the dress.

“She was incredibly understanding and agreed to be a witness instead.”

Image: Screenshot/ThisMorning.

O’Hagan said because both women have always had "an honest relationship", her best friend "took it amazingly well".

As too did her husband and her other bridesmaids.

"My husband was really supportive, the bridesmaids were on board, but one colleague told me I was being selfish, and there were a few raised eyebrows.

"I'm sure people talked about it behind my back."

When This Morning conducted a poll for the segment, 87 per cent said kids should be allowed at weddings and disagreeing with O'Hagan's decision.

Social media users were quick to criticise O'Hagan for what they considered a brash and "selfish" decision, spouting their contempt for her decision on Twitter.

However, O'Hagan appeared unperturbed, admitting she received greater backlash for her decision not to invite children to her wedding than she did for sacking her bridesmaid.