Can I give my teacher alcohol?

As the end of the year draws near so does the dread of finding the perfect Christmas gift. But what about gifts for people that are not friends or family but spend the whole year with our kids.

Mamamia reader Robyn writes:

My daughter is in Prep this year and last year I almost got caught out without a present for her kinder teacher (despite my mother having been a teacher for 40 years!)

Now I am wondering what is a suitable present for a teacher? My thinking is wine (how could I go wrong?) or I’m tossing up with the idea of a personalised gift, something like notepaper or a mug with the teacher’s name on it

Part of my reasoning is that my mum would offer us the gifts she received at the end of the year to re-gift on to grandparents.  I’m not trying to avoid the re-gifting,  I would just like to give my daughter’s  teacher something she’d actually like to get!

What are your tips?

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