Cameron Diaz hung up on Kyle Sandilands this morning. Jackie O is not pleased.





If you’ve ever wondered how to piss Cameron Diaz off, just ask Kyle Sandilands.

This morning, Cameron D hung up on Kyle when he made some awkward comments about Cameron’s best friend, Drew Barrymore, and her boyfriend, Benji Madden.

For reasons we may never truly understand, Kyle decided it was a great idea to talk about Drew Barrymore’s “drug years” and claim that his “really good friends” Benji Madden has been telling him secrets.

Cameron Diaz left extremely awkward, long silences after Kyle’s comments — and then swiftly declared “We’ve got to go…”

Jackie O is not amused. Right after the line went dead, she accused Kyle of “ruining the interview.”

Which is absolutely true.

Listen to the palpable awkwardness right here, right now:

Cameron Diaz probably looked a little something like this as she heard Kyle talking s*** about her best friend and boyfriend:


This is probably what Kyle looked like as he offended one of the most famous movie stars on the planet:


Aaaand we couldn’t find a single photo of Jackie O looking angry or less-than-lovely, so here she is just being patient and beautiful:

So, if anyone’s keeping a tally of the celebrities Kyle Sandilands has offended, we’ve got:

Cameron Diaz


Magda Szubanski

Have we missed any?

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