Huge blaze breaks out at London's iconic Camden Markets.

A fire has broken out across the first three floors and the roof of a building in London’s iconic Camden Market, with 70 firefighters and 10 trucks called to the scene battling to bring it under control.

The London Fire Brigade says it was called to the scene just before midnight on Monday London time and have tweeted that at this stage the first, second and third floors plus the roof of a building are burning.

There are no injuries reported at this stage.

Joan Ribes, a 24-year-old witness to the blaze, says she was passing by when she saw the fire and feared the whole building might explode as there are restaurants and kitchens nearby.

“I was just passing by when I saw the fire and they started to get firefighters and police, it was all very fast,” she said.

“We called the police to close the street to the traffic because it was very dangerous, the fire was flying through the air to the surrounding areas.

“The fire was moving very fast. People were watching, but we were scared the building could explode at any time since there are restaurants with kitchens nearby.”

Local residents have been told to avoid the area as firefighters work to control the blaze.

A spokeswoman for London’s Metropolitan Police says it’s unknown if anyone has been injured in the fire.

“Police were called on Monday at 12.10am to Camden Lock Market to reports of a fire. London Fire Brigade were already at the scene when officers arrived. It is unknown at this stage if any persons are injured, we await update,” the spokeswoman said.


Images of the blaze have been posted on social media with one witness tweeting: “On a night bus I just passed the start of a big fire in Camden, now at Euston I’ve seen lots of ambulances head north.”

Another tweeted: “Just drove past Camden market and there’s a huge fire on top a building, close to the Loch Bridge! Crazy crazy scenes.”

A major blaze ravaged the area in 2008, shutting the attraction for several months.

The markets are open every day from 10am till late and house more than 1000 sellers, street food traders and independent stores.