The Bachelor's Nikki and The Bachelorette's Cam might be falling in love.

Everybody, remain calm.

Actually, don’t, because your favourite couple to come out of the 2016 Bachelor/Bachelorette season might actually be happening. There’s no time for dignity.

Reports that Bachelor runner-up Nikki Gogan had spent her night watching The Bachelorette finale with Fireman Cam practically overshadowed news that Georgia and Lee had found love.

And now, the duo have crossed paths again. That’s twice in three days, which basically means they are already married and are pregnant with twins, right?

Cam and Nikki were both guests at the G.H. MUMM Marquee at Melbourne’s Derby Day…and when they were spotted together by Nikki’s fellow Bach contestant Tiffany, things got very interesting.


Fan girling hard for @aisha_jade ???? #ghmumm #derbyday #bachelormeetsbigbrother

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Tiffany filmed a video of the pair, urging them to “hook up”.

And by urged we mean SCREAMED AT THEM, which is exactly what we would have done in that very same situation. Thanks for having our backs, Tiff.

Then, Tiffany posted a photo to her Instagram story of Cam and Nikki making a love heart with their hands, with the caption “this is happening”.

"This is happening". Image via Instagram.

Yes, it seems like it is, whether Nikki or Cam like it or not.