Check out Neighbours' "Plain Jane" after all these years.

She’s kept a pretty low profile since starring in Neighbours but now, at 47, Annie Jones is making a come back.

Annie Jones was a regular on our TVs in the late 80’s. At 19, she was the bright eyed blonde Jane Harris on Neighbours, the girlfriend of the very cute Michael James (played by a young Guy Pearce).

Yet while some of her cast mates like Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan went on to establish huge careers, Annie was uncomfortable with fame. She let her acting speak for itself and was incredibly private.

“I have always just liked to live my life and just get on with things. It was a crazy time, I must admit, but I made a lot of dear friends from that period” Annie said.

Despite her obvious acting talent, Annie decided to put family before acting and has no regrets about it either.  “I didn’t do any acting for a while because life just got in the way. Life and family are obviously more important than acting and I just played the cards I was dealt” Annie said.

But just quietly, we think Annie is making a come back. She has recently appeared in Wentworth and Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here. Now, she’s about to star on Worst Years of My Life, Again, a teen comedy airing on ABC3 this Saturday.

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