"My fiancé's parents offered me $10,000 to call off the wedding. I took it."


Love is complicated and comes with all sorts of baggage, whether it be the family or a side of someone you never knew.

For one Reddit user, love came with all of the above, plus a bribe to leave.

Writing on the “Am I being unreasonable” thread, aptly named Reddit user Itookabribe23 explained that her soon to be husband grew controlling after their engagement, and that she was planning on leaving him before the wedding.

But then her fiancé’s parents bribed her $10,000 to leave him, because they didn’t like her.

“One month ago I broke up with my fiancé. It’s been emotional, stressful, and downright awful. I’ve had almost no contact with him since that night but from what I hear he’s a wreck. I didn’t hold back and told him the truth, except for one thing,” she began the thread.

“Me and my ex met in college and hit it off really quick. We dated for five years before he proposed. My ex comes from a very traditional Asian family who immigrated here right after his birth. Both of his parents are extremely successful in their careers and make a ton of money. So when he brought me, a Cuban girl, home to his parents they did not accept me,” she added.

She continued to explain that she had been treated terribly by the family, but thought they would get through it as a couple.

“They made it very clear that they thought I was not worthy of him and for the years I dated him they treated me like a sub-human. This never bothered me. I loved him and thought we could get through this. He never seemed to really care what they said about me either,” she wrote.


Through the engagement, her fiancé began to change. He grew controlling and became an alcoholic.

“After we got engaged I began to realise that he’s not too different from his parents. In the year that we were engaged he became extremely controlling. He wanted to know where I was almost every moment of the day, at one point he even said after we are married he wants to schedule out my day so he knows where I am at all times,” she wrote.

“Along with this I found out he is an alcoholic who can become very belligerent when drunk. These red flags were enough for me and I’ve been thinking of stepping back for a while now. The real tipping point was when he told me that he feels like he has to ‘settle’ for me and that he can do better,” she added.

As she prepared to leave her fiancé, she received a phone call from her fiancé’s parents.

“I distanced myself from him emotionally for some time now and have been holding off till I felt ready. That was until last week when his mum called me out of nowhere and wanted to meet up behind my ex’s back to ‘talk’,” she wrote.

“We met and had lunch. During this time they made it clear they knew me and my ex were having trouble. They told me they didn’t like me, they knew I hated them, and that we would probably never be amicable. They ‘saw how unhappy both of us were and that it would probably be best if we broke up’. They then offered me 10,000 dollars to break up with my ex. To help me ‘get over him’,” she added.

She immediately took the money, and made an agreement to never tell anyone about the exchange.


“And so that night I went home, packed my bag and broke up with him. I moved out that next week and haven’t seen him since. He’s called me multiple times but I’ve ignored him. Mutual friends say he’s a wreck and that he still ‘loves me’. His parents contacted me once since then thanking me and wishing me luck in life,” she wrote.

“I was planning on breaking up with him anyway, that was never going to change. The money though, did help. Was I wrong to take it? His family mistreated me so at the time I just saw it as way of them repaying me for that. I feel like an asshole for taking the money. Am I?” she finished off by asking.

The responses were wildly sympathetic to the woman, as they understood her complex desire to leave the relationship.

“You didn’t lose out on the love of your life, you were going to break up with him anyway. Might as well profit a bit,” wrote one Reddit user.

“Yup. Think of it as an ‘A**hole Tax.’ Closest thing to an apology that you’ll get from them,” another added.

“I don’t care what anyone says, in the right circumstance, money absolutely DOES buy happiness. I wouldn’t leave my partner for 10 million, so it’s not like you were gonna be in it for the long haul. Because if he was it for you no amount of money in the world would be able to separate you two,” another user said.

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