Would you do this to that cake you've spent a week making?

Looking for a new idea for baby’s first birthday. Take a leaf out of these kids’ books and make a big old mess…

Baby photos are being taken to a whole new level. Sitting in pot plants holding fake sunflowers just isn’t going to cut it any more. Now, we need to smash some stuff.

If you’ve never heard of this popular trend then its title is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, it involves a cute but messy photoshoot where babies are captured digging in, or ‘smashing’ their first birthday cake.

The result is hilarious and heart-warming photos of your little one covered in icing and surrounded by crumbs, with mouths stuffed with sugary goodness.

The trend, which originated in the US, has just taken off in the UK, with mums and dads sharing photos of their cake-smashing kidlets on social media.

CLICK THROUGH this gallery of hilarious cake-smashing photos…

What do you think? Cute, or kind of heartbreaking?