Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner caught kissing on camera.

Following the public demise of their marriage, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner are finally building a friendship.

They’re even kissing now, right on the lips.

In a recent promo for the upcoming season of I Am Cait, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner have a brief exchange of the lips. It’s always a bit weird when Mum and Dad get smoochy, but given the tumultuous journey these two have been on it’s nice to see the two getting along.

A gentle peck. (Image via screenshot from 'I am Cait' promo.)

The bonding moment comes as a little bit of shock to Kris, as she is pulled by Caitlyn and with a little bit of a cringey face, the Olympian goes in for gold.

But Caitlyn's not done yet.

She clearly is down for sharing the love this season as she also puckers up for her co-star Candis Cayne. The trans woman power team became close during and after Caitlyn's transition. The 'moment' is encouraged by Caitlyn's assistant, urging the two to kiss.

Excuse me whilst I have some awkward primary school flashbacks.

A flashback to tenser times. Post continues after video. 


As an advocate for the trans community, Caitlyn has become a figurehead for the community.

Though her representational role is questioned due to intersectionality mainly with race, class and the fact that she has millions of dollars and a glam squad to keep her looking damn fine. There is no denying that Caitlyn has bought a spotlight to trans issues and integration into society through her show by getting a cultural conversation going.

A life long, hard core and proud Republican, the season will also see Caitlyn confront some uncomfortable truths about her political alignment. Having publicly announced her support for Ted Crus, she is confronted with that fact that it is not a mutual understanding.

A tender moment on 'I am Cait.' (Image via screenshot from 'I am Cait' promo.)

Caitlyn looks visibly shocked as she reads a new site headline: "Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz opposes equality for transgender people because he thinks trans kids will molest his daughters."

She is then assured by her friends that Republican ideology and Caitlyn's rights don't necessarily align. Caitlyn then disassociates herself from the party, saying  "they're not my people if they are against this issue. They are just totally misinformed."

With an upcoming election and Trump touted as a favourite hopefully we will see Caitlyn campaign harder for the acceptance of her community.