Cafe pram ban. Mum outraged after being booted from cafe for having a pram inside.

The Mum says she was humiliated








A storm in an espresso cup is brewing in a Sydney café with a Mum complaining she was booted from a Surry Hills café for taking her baby’s pram inside.

The Daily Mail reports that 35-year old Jessica Smith was having coffee with a friend when she was asked to leave as she was told there was no room for her 11-month old baby’s pram.

According to Jessica at the time there was only one other patron in the café.

After leaving the cafe, Jessica wrote the following post on Facebook.

Customers have taken to Gnome’s Facebook page with mixed feelings about the incident.

“Shame on you for not allowing parents with babies to have coffee on your premises! will make sure all my friends know about this and we certainly won’t be visiting whether we have baby in tow or not!” wrote one.

Another called for kids to be kept out of the café altogether “Ban kids and give adults some peace and quiet!”

The manager of the café responded on their page saying children of any age were welcome in the cafe but there wasn’t enough room for prams inside.

This story isn’t new – prams have been banned in cafés before.

Other cafes have banned prams in the past.

In 2012 a Melbourne café made headlines when they banned prams on weekends. Parents cried discrimination and said they too would boycott the popular breakfast spot.

At the time John Hart the CEO of the Restaurants and Caterers Association told News Limited that cafe owners had to weigh up a number of obligations with prams.

“On the other side of the coin the business has an obligation to provide a safe workplace and a safe venue, obligations under public liability insurance and workers comp,” he said.

“It’s up to each individual business and that really depends on the constraints they have on their own business.”

What do you think, did the café go too far or should restaurants and cafes have the right to ban prams?
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