'I'm a beauty writer. Here's how to nail natural and glowy makeup this winter.'

By Terry
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One of my Roman Empires is how to look like a beaming ray of sunshine at all times. I just never stop thinking about ways to nail that glowy, natural look.

In summer, the glow is a little easier to attain (sweat or highlighter? You’ll never know…). But when the temperature drops, it can be a little trickier to achieve that effortless radiance — my skin feels drier thanks to pesky cold weather and heater overload, and there’s less of that fresh-off-the-treadmill dew.

This is where I lean on my trusty skincare and makeup arsenal to do what they do best. I need products that help my skin unlock its inner spark and add that extra touch of luminosity.

Cue the masters of glow: iconic French beauty brand By Terry. Created over 25 years ago, they specialise in creating products that master flawless finishes and dewy skin, using high quality ingredients that actually benefit the skin. Skincare-infused makeup? It’s a hard yes!

Equipped with my kit of faves and must-haves, this is how I nail a glowing, glimmering, gorgeous makeup look even when the weather is screaming dull, drab and dreary.

Before we get glowing, a quick reminder that everyone’s skin is unique, so you should always patch test any beauty goodies that are new to you and seek advice if you’re not sure if a product is compatible. 

Skin prep is key.

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: a makeup look starts with your skincare. You can’t compete with the natural radiance that beams from healthy, happy and hydrated skin. It’s the best makeup prep a glow-obsessed gal could ask for!

As the temperature drops down a few degrees, my skincare has to ramp up a few notches. After a swipe of replenishing toner, I apply one of my favorite vitamin C serums, followed by a hydrating serum. I’ll then massage in my nourishing day cream and follow it up with SPF.


The next step is super important: lips! I like to give my lips a good boost of hydration while I’m doing my skincare, so that they’re plump 'n' juicy for any lip colour I want to add later.

For luxe lips, I can’t go past By Terry’s Baume de Rose ($89). This one is a cult fave and it’s incredibly easy to see why — its delightful cocktail including vitamin E, rose blossom essential wax and shea butter makes my lips feel as soft as a dream every time I use it. She’s a little spendy, but I find she’s well worth it — you only need a little so it lasts ages and it’s such a luxurious treat-yourself moment that you can incorporate every day.

Picking the perfect glow.

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Now it’s time to ace the base! If it’s particularly chilly and dry out, I’ll pop on a rich primer to make sure my face stays happy all day long.

Next, I pick up my foundation and prepare to make it a glow-getter by mixing in some of By Terry’s Brightening CC Serum ($131). This CC serum is an illuminating wonder — it guarantees a lustrous complexion in no time!

Thanks to its colour-corrective formula that helps to even out skin tone appearance, I only need to use a touch of foundation to achieve a natural, radiant base. Founder Terry de Gunzberg is a believer that delivering beautifully hydrated, plumped-up skin is the secret to effortless beauty looks, whether super natural or highly glamorous — and with this best-selling CC formula, you can totally tell.

I then dab on a little concealer anywhere that I want to build a little extra coverage and do my first spritz of a hydrating setting mist.

Lock it in.

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Next step: operation lock it in. I love my looks to last all day (who doesn’t?!) but I simply cannot do a cakey setting powder. Shall not, will not. Plus, in cooler weather, heavy powders can mean drier skin, therefore less glow. So, I’m super picky about what I’ll use to set my makeup.

By Terry’s Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder 8HA ($89) absolutely fits the bill. It’s been on high rotation for ages because it just understands the assignment — the unique formula is infused with the eight hyaluronic acid types in three different molecular weights, meaning that it hydrates while its locking in your look. The sorcery! 


Top tip: if you’re just using the powder to set your makeup in place, opt for a fluffy brush and tap off the excess before you gently dust it onto the desired areas of your face.  

Highlight and pop.

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Time for the finishing touches! When I’m trying to keep my look a little more lowkey, I always reach for a cream eyeshadow. By Terry’s Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadow ($63) is just perfection.


I’m a sucker for an eyeshadow stick — they have ace staying power, and their creamy texture complements the overall glow (the light-reflecting formula of the Ombre Blackstar is just so mesmerising).

They’re also incredibly easy to use — when I’m doing a more natural look, I just swipe it on and then blend with my finger. Plus, they’re buildable, so if I want to work up to full glam, they’re up for the job.

Next up is cheeks. I’m a diehard blush gal all year round, but especially in the cooler months. In winter, I tend to put down the bronzer and stick to a cream blush — it adds warmth and dimension to the look and helps my complexion look healthy and energised. Bonus points for a blush that has a slight touch of highlighter. If it doesn’t, I’ll take a highlighter and add it to the high points of my face for extra beaming brightness.

Finally, I add a slick of mascara onto my lashes, pencil and gel my brows, swipe on my favorite lippy (or just add some more balm if I’m keeping it lowkey) and do a final spritz of a setting spray.

And voila! Natural, glowy makeup and happy, hydrated skin that’s fit for the chillier days ahead.

Shop By Terry skincare and makeup, available online or in-store at Mecca.  

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By Terry
Introducing the world to innovative, multipurpose and ultra-luxe formulations - like the award-winning hyaluronic acid-infused powder, iconic rose lip balm and tea-infused bronzer - By Terry founder Terry de Gunzberg has an undeniable understanding of skin, colours and texture. Designed to enhance your natural beauty, this is skincare and makeup at its most radiant.