Want to make that man of yours propose? Positive pregnancy test $20.

It’s a guarantee, right?

If you’re in a relationship and are looking for a way to tie your man down (guaranteed) then why not buy yourself a pregnancy.

Wait, what?

Ok, so technically you’re not buying the pregnancy, but you could buy yourself a positive pregnancy test, so your partner will think that you’re having a baby and will finally agree to committing to a future together.

You can guarantee that one of these is positive.

Positive pregnancy tests are being sold online - in a Facebook online shopping community called Buy, Swap, Sell. A member of the Port Melbourne, Garden City & Surrounding Suburbs Buy Swap & Sell group contacted 3AW after her concerns were raised when she saw an ad that said, "Hey ladies, want that man of yours to propose!?" with a picture of a positive pregnancy test selling for $20.

She was so mortified that she contacted 3AW to express her concerns and bring awareness to the broader community. Here's the ad (which has since been taken down).

The Facebook group is closed, but the concerned member (who 3AW decided to call ‘Sue’) was shocked that a woman was trying to sell positive pregnancy tests for $20 a pop. Sue admitted that she’s not sure if it’s real – but was disgusted after she saw it on Saturday night.

“The person that is selling them - I looked at her Facebook page, and she's part of nursing staff, which made it even more disgusting with the moral obligation," Sue told 3AW.

"So what they're saying is, you can buy a positive pregnancy test to show to your partner to convince them to marry you," 3AW presenter, Neil Mitchell said.

According to Sue, there was a lot of outrage from the post but the woman who put the image up said it had worked for a girlfriend of hers.

Mitchell suggested it could've been a joke, but Sue was pretty sure it wasn't.


And as much as we'd like to believe it's a joke (which it may well have been) the selling of positive pregnancy tests is not new - this unfortunately is not a first.

They've been sold online before.

In October last year, Yahoo wrote about fake pregnancy tests being available online via eBay - being sold as a way for people to 'trick' their partners in to a long-term commitment.

The Glow reported on how being pregnant was becoming a lucrative business, after a woman explained in an advertisement that since becoming pregnant she had been, “asked numerous times for a positive test, so [she] decided to start charging for it!” It seems women are making money from their soon-to-be mum status.

We were so baffled by this concept that we dug a little deeper, to try and answer some of the million questions we have about this. And on my search I discovered you can save yourself the $20 and still get your guy to propose. WikiHow has provided a whole page about how you can make your OWN positive pregnancy test (even if you aren't pregnant). Oi.

It raises so many questions - the main one being, why are women today trying to tie their man down with a lie (a disgusting, dirty lie)? Haven't we moved on from the time where women were so desperate to hold on to a man that they had to pretend to be knocked up?

We thought that time had passed, but according to the internet apparently it hasn't.

What are your thoughts on the fake positive pregnancy, and what about trying to get a partner to propose for all the wrong reasons?

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