Busy Phillips explains why she gave her kids the craziest names in Hollywood.


We’ve heard of some pretty wacky baby names over the years, but for actress Busy Phillips, 37, choices are right up there. Like way up in the heavens.

Her daughters Birdie, 7, and Cricket, 3, probably love their monikers now, but we can’t help wondering where one even comes up with names like that from.

Busy just doing her thang on a boat. Image: Instagram.

Apparently, it's all down to Busy's husband Marc Silverstein.

Speaking to HollywoodLife, Busy said, “I did know that when we named them, I wanted to make sure that if we had a nickname that we wanted to call them, that we just name them that nickname. Because that’s what I dealt with my whole life.

"Busy is a nickname for Elizabeth. It was the bane of my existence growing up that I would always have to explain to people, ‘Yes I know it says my name is Elizabeth, but I go by Busy.’ And people would go well that’s weird. It was a constant conversation that I had to have.”


Well that makes perfect sense. It's just that my mother has never endearingly called me a crawling bug before.

Busy explained that the husband and wife duo felt like they'd really "nailed it" when they called their first daughter Birdie. So, when it came to baby number two, they couldn't fall short.

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“And then when we were having our second kid, that’s a hard name to follow. Because you can’t just name your second kid Linda. You have to give her her own unique take on a name. We had a lot of names on our list. My husband and Birdie were really pushing for Cricket the whole time. They loved it.”

And therein lies the answer to their names.