The school bus brain teaser that kids are working out faster than adults.

It was originally designed as a problem solving test for children, but this bus brainteaser has resurfaced. It’s gone viral, and has the adults of the world scratching their heads.

Which direction is the bus travelling?

BusBrainTeaser NatGEoTV screenshot
(Image: Screenshot via National Geographic/NatGeoTV)

The windows looks the same.
The tires? Yep.
The bumper looks identical.
Maybe the clue is in the clouds…

Figured it out? Don’t worry, it takes most adults a while to get it… if at all.

Many school-children, on the other hand, are able to solve the problem with ease.

The answer depends on where you are in the world, but the key is to look at the bus doors, or lack there of.

Here in Australia, we drive on the left-hand-side of the road, and therefore, our bus doors are on the left. We can’t see the doors in this picture, so the bus must be heading to the right.

Bus Answer Australia NatGeoTV screenshot
AUSTRALIA (Image: Screenshot via National Geographic/NatGeoTV)

The opposite is true for countries like the US, were the answer is- the bus is moving to the left.

Bus answer US NatGeoTV screenshot
AMERICA (Image: Screenshot via National Geographic/NatGeoTV)

According to The Guardian, research suggests kids under the age of 12 process visual information differently to the rest of us.

Studies from University College London and Birkbeck, University of London reveal that while adults rely on compiling different kinds of sensory information, children are more likely to head straight for the visual.

Clever kids.

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