Bury me in this: the viral trend that shows just how morbid millennials are.

Ah millennials, we’ve reached a new low… I think.

There’s a new phrase and hashtag taking over your Instagram and Twitter feeds and it’s just a little bit morbid.

People are now posting photos of their favourite dress/hat/leopard print coat/animal onesie and adding the hashtag #BuryMeInThis.

Yep, a whole lot of millennials will probably be buried in furry onesies and sarcastic slogan tees at their future funerals. Although the ‘bury me in this’ hashtag might just seem like a weird thing the ‘kids these days’ are doing, it’s actually reflective of a much larger trend.

You see, people are becoming a lot less traditional when it comes to what they’re buried in.

Caleb Wilde, funeral director and author of Confessions of a Funeral Director: How the Business of Death Saved My Liferecently told Racked there’s been a big change in the type of clothes people are being buried in.

“When I first started, everybody was buried in suits and dresses,” Wilde said. “Now that we’re starting to see the boomers die, it’s individual expression that’s key.”

Wilde says people are opting to be buried in more casual attire such as their favourite slippers, a well-worn t-shirt, or a pair of jeans.

So the millennials might actually be onto something this time.

Here are just some of the outfits coming to a funeral home near you:

ayyye rawr #spirithoodie #rawr #burymeinthis #pocketsalwayswin ????????

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walk up to the club like wuddup got a big… coat #macklemorevibez #burymeinthis

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Palm trees and Flamingos? How could you say no? #isthisreallife #yesplease #takemymoney #burymeinthis

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last minute shopping like.. ????????

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Serious heart palpitations for this insane @ysl cape. @fortyfiveten #burymeinthis #saintlaurent

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If nothing else, it’s a handy way to demonstrate your undying love for your new sequinned pants, right?

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