ROADTEST: "I have 3 kids under 4, and we tried Bunjie’s new probiotic baby wipes. Here are my honest thoughts."

Thanks to our brand partner, Bunjie

I’m not going to lie, even prior to having kids I was a huge baby wipes fan.          

I’d keep packets of them in my bag and car to remove makeup off my hands, and for cleaning and spills. A baby wipe always comes in handy. 

Little did I know that my passion for baby wipes would reach a new peak when I had 3 babies in 13 months. 

Yep, that’s right. Identical twin girls, and then 12 months later my son arrived. So, believe me when I say over the last three-and-a-half years, I’ve changed more nappies, seen every kind of bodily fluid there is to see, and wiped more butts than any human would ever want to. 

But it doesn’t stop there… because baby wipes are not limited to butts. Let’s not forget about the boogers, grubby hands, dirty feet, dribbles, splattered clothes and food-covered faces parents with little ones are constantly tending to.  

I’ve wiped them all (tenfold, and daily). In doing so, I’ve tried pretty much every wipe on the market, so as a professional baby wiper, I was thrilled to road test Bunjie’s new and world-first Probiotic Baby Wipes.

Bunjie’s plant-based skincare products have basically been part of our family since they launched last year. We use the Top To Toe Wash, Nappy & Barrier Cream and Moisture Lotion regularly. Being all natural, dermatologically tested and microbiome-friendly means no nasties on my kids' sensitive skin (and not harsh on the environment). 

We have now welcomed with open arms (and un-nappied butts) the latest addition to our family, Bunjie’s Probiotic Baby Wipes. 

The whole gang's here. Image: Supplied.


While the twins, Indiana and Samara, are still in nappies only at night, my son Banjo is still a full-time nappy wearer. And boy, does he love to remind me with extravagant stinky surprises! 

You can only imagine the amount of wipes I’ve used over the years, so the fact that Bunjie’s pro-planet baby wipes are 100% biodegradable and compostable makes me feel much more assured that I’m not ruining the earth, bit by bit (or butt... by butt. There was no way I wasn't going to include this). 

Bunjie’s Probiotic Baby Wipes are also the first to have prebiotic and probiotic boosters, which help promote a healthy skin microbiome and support the immune system to help build a strong skin barrier (as well as protect from bad bacteria and minimise skin problems). 

In layman’s terms, the skin microbiome refers to the trillions of friendly bacteria that live on the skin. This protective layer shapes the way little skin looks, feels and behaves from birth. Bunjie keeps the good bacteria thriving to keep little skin healthy, happy and protected.

So whether you have a fresh little newborn, a toddler or a little one with sensitive skin, Bunjie’s baby wipes are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested so they're honestly perfect for all types of precious skin! 

Being 100% naturally derived and toxin-free, I don’t have to worry about any hidden nasties especially when using them to wipe hands and faces in all those messy moments. 

Image: Supplied.

They’re fragrance free, too. Am I the only parent to be traumatised in the past from using fragrance-filled wipes? Wipes with fragrance might sound nice in theory, but for me, lovely scents are now ruined by association of poo explosions! So a little tainted. 


Lastly, call me particular, but up until now I’ve struggled to find the perfect amount of ‘wet’ in a wipe. Most are often too moist leaving little bums more soaked than their wet nappy, or too dry like they’ve been butt sliding on sand paper. 

Bunjie’s baby wipes are what I consider the perfect amount of ‘wet’. They use 99% purified NZ water it’s basically like a soothing day spa for these Natoli bums in my house! Not too wet and not too dry… just right! It came with a re-usable lid too that you just pop onto the packet, so that wetness is sealed right in there, and not drying out overnight like so many other packs I've tried over the years! So handy for parents on the move with our hands full (so, literally all of us).

All-in-all, Bunjie’s probiotic baby wipes really do tick every box of mine. Eco-friendly, sensitive skin friendly, microbiome-friendly and stink-free friendly… tick, tick, tick, tick, HUGE TICK.

They are my new BFF for butts, boogers and beyond because after all… happy bums, (very) happy mum.

Image: Supplied.

Making life easier for busy parents is always a top Bunjie priority, which I love. I'll be ordering these worry-free wipes next by the bucket load online.

Bunjie Probiotic Baby Wipes are officially available across all Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and major pharmacies. Find the exclusive 3-pack value bundle at your nearest pharmacy too, and it comes with a limited-edition, planet-friendly reusable lid.

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Bunjie’s world-first combo of prebiotic, probiotic & totally toxin-free formulas protect your baby’s skin from all the nasties to keep it looking healthy, feeling happy and growing stronger every day. Committed to the microbiome, one of health’s biggest areas of promise and game-changers in skin health for mini humans, Bunjie are on a mission to give every parent a new, more enjoyable, more effective, and more confident way to take care of their little one’s skin and the planet. Baby’s skin is up to 10 times more sensitive than adult skin, which is why Bunjie are super sensitive about the ingredients they use. All products are made without over 1,400 questionable ingredients and toxins including Parabens, Phthalates, PEGs, Sulphates (SLS or SLES), EDTA, Synthetic Fragrance, BHT, BHA, Chlorine, Benzalkonium Chloride, Petrochemicals, Formaldehyde, Nut Oils, Phenoxyethanol or Phenols.