BUMPER FLUFF: Shane Warne and Liz Hurley split? Plus the first pics of Fergie's baby.



1. The Shurley saga: Are they? Aren’t they? Does anybody even care?

Earlier this week it looked like Twitter’s favourite couple Shane Warne and Liz Hurley were headed for splitsville.

In what was a relationship made in Twitter heaven, reports were swirling that Liz and Warnie have called off their engagement, having gone from posting a little too much PDA on Twitter to nothing at all.

The pair, who have been engaged since 2011, were renowned for their raunchy social media love notes, but nothing had been seen for 3 weeks.

Warne last tweeted: “Something to think about, it’s not what happens in your life, it’s how your react to what life throws at you, in both the good and bad times!”

Whilst Liz seemed to prefer spending time with her canine companion when she tweeted a selfie with her dog Raja and the caption: “The more I know of man, the more I love my dog.”

After this unusually long Twitter silence from the King and Queen of TMI, rumours began to swirl that Shane Warne and Liz Hurley had split.

Well, in heartbreaking news for fans of Shurley, it looks like the rumours may be true.

Both Shane and Liz have broke their twitter silence with cryptic messages (well, cryptic for these two anyway).

First there was this from Liz:


Apologies to loyal followers for Twitter silence on recent events. Too raw & personal to share right now.

— Elizabeth Hurley (@ElizabethHurley) September 18, 2013

Then Shane chimed in with this:

Some of the reports re EH & me r absolute rubbish. Yes we’re sorting through some (private) issues. But we’re not throwing the towel in yet — Shane Warne (@warne888) September 18, 2013

The towel is still intact, people. THE TOWEL IS STILL INTACT. But it looks like things may very close to over for Australia’s favourite Twitter couple.

Latest reports have Warne flying to London in a last ditch attempt to save his relationship.

Warne was spotted jetting out of Melbourne with his kids, but remained coy on the purpose of their trip. The former cricketer reportedly told the gathered paparazzi: “We are going to have a good time… We are going to be away for ages.”J

So is Shurley still a thing? Only time (and Twitter) will tell.


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3. The first pics of Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s baby Axl are ADORABLE!

Josh Duhamel, 40, and Fergie, 38, have each posted separate photos of their three-week-old son, Axl Jack to Facebook.

“Axl Jack Duhamel Day 1. Life is good,” Duhamel announced on Facebook along with the hashtag, “#paparazziyoucanleaveourhousenow.”


Fergie uploaded a photo of Axl, who was born on August 29 with the caption, “Axl Jack Duhamel. Day 2 of life. Hearing test complete. All systems go. #chillin.”

The baby photos are surprising given when asked over Twitter on Monday when they might release a photo, Duhamel replied: “Right now we just want him all to ourselves.”


4. Bummer – Kate Winslet has revealed she won’t be changing her name to match her husband Ned Rocknroll. Click here to read why “Academy Award winner, Kate Rocknroll” just ain’t gonna happen.


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

5. Miley and Liam are O V E R and there’s a new woman in town to prove it. 

Twitter is the make or break of relationships these days. Earlier in the week Miley unfollowed fiancé ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth on twitter, which of course was quickly followed by reports that The Last Song sweethearts were over.

Rumours of relationship break-up have followed the couple through Liam’s wandering eye for January Jones, Miley’s raunchy VMA’s performance, and the case of Miley’s disappearing ring.

The split was reported exclusively by PEOPLE magazine, who confirmed the news with reps of both Cyrus and Hemsworth.

Just one day after the 15 month engagement ended, 23-year-old Hemsworth was snapped kissing Mexican model and actress Eiza González.

According to E! News:

“Liam stopped by Eiza’s pad in Beverly Hills just after 3:30 p.m. to give her a piece of luggage, where she flaunted her bangin’ bod in a pair of booty shorts and a bright orange bra top, seemingly having just worked out when her sexy visitor arrived. Liam was only there for about five minutes, and the pair chatted briefly before they started smooching.”


You can see the grainy pics here.

Safe to say he’s moved on.


6. JK Rowling has written about the stigma she felt when she became a single mum 20 years ago – and her words are incredibly moving. Read her message here.


7. Is Glee’s Cory Monteith worth a mention in memoriam?

Glee star Cory Monteith is dead at 31.

The tragic death of 31 year-old Glee star Cory Monteith shocked the world. So it came as no surprise when the powers-that-be chose to include him in the annual Emmy’s In Memoriam segment, which are being hosted by Neil Patrick Harris this Sunday.

But not everyone agrees that Cory is worthy of a mention, which would put him in the same ranks as figures such as James Gandolfini and Jean Stapleton.

In response to the controversy, Emmy producer Ken Ehrlich and CBC executive Jack Sussman have defended their decision during a conference call with reporters this week. Ehrlich said: “It was a rather personal choice… it was important to be responsive to younger viewers, to whom Cory Monteith meant as much as perhaps these other four individuals meant to their own generations.”

Cory’s tribute will be delivered by fellow Glee star, Jane Lynch.


8. True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard is racing to the South Pole later this year – and he’s up against royalty. Click here to find out who his opponent is.


9. A Country Practice star Joyce Jacobs dies aged 91.


Joyce Jacobs who played, everyone’s favourite busybody, Esme Watson on the long-running soapie, A Country Practice has passed away aged 91.

Jacobs starred in Number 96 and The Young Doctors but was undoubtedly best known for playing Esme Watson in A Country Practice, a role which lasted 12 years until the show ended in 1993.

The opportunity of a lifetime came when Jacobs played gossipy spinster Esme in the 1981 pilot episode of the Seven Network’s A Country Practice. She was so well received that she became one of the enduring cast members in the long-running TV series, staying on until the show ended in 1993.

Jacobs revealed in an interview with Woman’s Day last year that she had been living with Parkinson’s disease for 10 years.

According to News Corp, the beloved English-born actress had been living in an aged care facility in the Sydney suburb of Taren Point, where she also celebrated her 90th birthday last year with fellow A Country Practice cast members.


10. Clint Eastwood’s 27-year-old son (and doppelganger) Scott is having a moment right now – and it’s not hard to see why. Check out pics of the ‘Dirty Harry’ star’s handsome offspring by clicking here and here.


11. Miranda Kerr is selling Japanese laundry detergent. And it is amazing.

Disclaimer: If you are prone to seizures from flashing lights/bright colours/Victoria’s Secret models strutting through supermarket aisles with trolleys full of washing detergent, you should probably look away now.

But, for the rest of us?


Laundry! Fundry! Fun! Fun!


For those of you wondering why on earth Miranda Kerr is doing this, we’re guessing it’s part of her contract with Proctor & Gamble.

Or, just because: Fun!

And here are some picture of Miranda Kerr when she’s not, you know, spruiking laundry detergent:


12. Is this the greatest Hollywood bromance ever? Sirs Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart have gone on a sightseeing tour of New York together – in matching bowling hats, naturally. Click here to see the X-Men co-stars’ cute holiday snaps.