Fluff: An interview with Michelle Bridge's first husband and pics of Hamish Blake with Fifi's baby.

Michelle Bridges and the “Commando”.




It’s been a big week for Aussie and overseas celebs alike. If you’ve managed to fall off the gossip bandwagon this week, don’t panic. We’ve got everything you need to know to climb back on:

1. Michelle Bridges’ love life continues to throw spotlight on the fitness guru.

Michelle Bridges was actually married once before her relationship with Bill Moore. Her first husband, Ben Dombrowski, was married to the star for three years when they lived together in Alice Springs. However, Michelle has rarely spoken about her first husband in interviews.

Dombrowski spoke exclusively to Woman’s Day, saying, “It’s odd that she’s kept our marriage a secret … I’m not anything to be ashamed of. It would have been nice to have had a mention.”

He continued, “I actually trained her for her physique competitions … She won everything she entered: Miss NT, Miss Australasia, Miss Oceana, Miss Melbourne… It would have been nice for her to say, ‘At the start of my career, my husband taught me what I needed to do for developing physique’.”

Michelle recently separated from her husband of nine years, Bill Moore, and has reportedly started a relationship with the “Commando”.

2. Can you get through this video without reaching out and tickling your screen? It’s harder than it sounds. Click here to take the challenge.

3. Beyonce gets butt-slapped during concert, reacts surprisingly well

Yeah. How could you not be?

So Beyonce kicked a fan out of a concert yesterday because he slapped her bum in the middle of a song.

Thirty-one-year-old-not-pregnant Queen B was performing “Irreplaceable” at The Forum in Copenhagen and was touching the hands of fans when one gentleman decided to take advantage of his close proximity and smacked her in the backside.

Her reaction to the slap? Turning around and calmly telling the man, “I will have you escorted out right now, alright?” And then turning back around to keep singing.

All class. Watch the video below:

4. Pregnant and over it? This ‘pregnancy porn’ will make you smile faster than you can say “foot massage”. Click here.

5. Naomi Watts as Princess Diana: first official photo.

We’ve seen some grainy paparazzi shots of Naomi on set, but this week, we finally get to see an OFFICIAL photo. (The word OFFICIAL obviously makes all the difference.)

After a bidding war at the Canne Film Film Festival, the Princess Diana bio pic was eventually picked up by a distributor who didn’t waste a lot of time getting a still from the as-yet unnamed film out there. Take a look:

Naomi Watts and Princess Diana.

Scheduled to be released on September 5, the film will focus primarily on Diana’s relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan. Watts has said in the past that: “I don’t look like her and I’m certainly not impersonating her. I’m hoping to catch the essence of her.”

So, do you reckon she’s done it?


6. Can your barista do this? Click here to check out some incredible coffee artworks.

7. Bought a belt off ASOS lately? You may want to read this.

If you hop onto Internet superstore ASOS today, you may want to reconsider clicking on the accessories section. Batches of belts made by the clothing company have been recalled because they were radioactive. Yes, you read that correctly – radioactive.

Apparently the belts, which are leather and covered in metal studs, tested positive for radioactive isotope Cobalt-60; as a result, they could cause injury if worn for more than 500 hours.

A report quoted by The Guardian says that this incidence is unforunately “quite a common occurance”:

India and the far east are large consumers of scrap metal for their home and foreign markets. During the refining process of these metals, orphaned radioactive sources are sometimes accidentally melted at the same time. This in turn [contaminates the process] and traps the radioactivity in the metal as an alloy or in suspension.

The ASOS belt, according to The Guardian.
Miranda Kerr

8. This gallery of babies sleeping with their dogs is a little bit heaven. Click here and prepare to feel your heart melt.

9. Victoria Who? Miranda releases own lingerie line.

In a move that may strain the positive relationship between Miranda Kerr and her previous wing-suppliers, the supermodel has reportedly made plans to release her own lingerie line, just months after parting ways with lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret.

Kerr apparently sent a ‘top-quality, hand-crafted’ bridal white lingerie set to Jennifer Aniston for her to wear on her wedding night. An exclusive inside source has revealed to US OK Magazine (so it must be true) that Jen’s exact thoughts were “It’s sexy yet classy too, and absolutely beautiful. Everyone said she looked beautiful.”

It’s not clear who ‘everyone’ is and why Jen was trying on her underwear in front of them, but one thing we can be sure of: based on this foolproof evidence, Miranda Kerr is almost certainly about to become a lingerie tycoon.


10. Check it out. New pics of Hamish Blake with Fifi’s baby.

Zoe Foster Blake, 32, shared a photo on Instagram of her husband Hamish Blake, 31, when he met Fifi Box’s gorgeous daughter, Trixie.

Zoe commented, “You’ve charmed us, Trixie Box. You’ve charmed us good.”

The photo received over 1,400 ‘likes’ – and commenters immediately sneakily implied that Zoe and Hamish should think about having their own, with one person writing, “I can’t wait for you and Hamish to have a baby!! You … will be the best parents!”

For a reminder of the gorgeous first picture shared on Trixie Box, click here. Click through the gallery below for other candid celebrity snaps.

11. What Miranda hated about Sex and the City.

Cynthia Nixon, who played redheaded lawyer and career woman on Sex and the City, has revealed that she

Cynthia Nixon has spoken out about what ‘devastated’ her about Sex and the City.

found aspects of the show ‘devastating’.

Nixon told the New York Times:

“It’s an aspect of the show I never liked,” she said. “I remember when we screened the first movie in London, when Mr. Big shows Carrie that closet he’s built for her and the entire audience clapped. I found that devastating. Maybe that’s a strong word, but I was disheartened. Because I thought: ‘Is this what these women in the audience think true love is? A man who has enough money to buy you a walk-in closet?’”

The consumerism of the show has been criticised many times before – seriously, how many pairs of shoes does Carrie own? – but most fans of the show see it as harmless frippery.