All of this week's celebrity news in one handy post. You're welcome.

If you’ve used this week for winter hibernation, and not to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest celeb stuff: it’s okay! It is all here. Take a look and see the good, the bad and the sad of Hollywood this week.

1.Angelina Jolie reveals she had a double mastectomy.

Angelina Jolie has revealed she had a double masctectomy in a piece titled, My Medical Choice written exclusively for the New York Times.

The 37-year-old wrote that she has a “faulty” gene, BRCA1, which increases her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer which is the reason why opted for a preventative mastectomy and finished the three months of medical procedures on April 27.

Once I knew that this was my reality, I decided to be proactive and to minimize the risk as much I could. I made a decision to have a preventive double mastectomy.

I started with the breasts, as my risk of breast cancer is higher than my risk of ovarian cancer, and the surgery is more complex,” Jolie wrote.



2. Tori Spelling’s husband has given her a ring for their wedding anniversary and it’s … quite something. Click to decide if it’s gorgeous or god-awful.


3. Sophie Monk confirms shes dating Sam Worthington.

That cheeky radio host Jules Lund tricked Sophie Monk into revealing the status of her relationship with actor Sam Worthington on The Fifi & Jules Show, where Sophie is filling in for Fifi Box who is on maternity leave.

Under the guise of a pop quiz, where a lucky ‘caller’ would win $10,000 for correctly answering five pop culture questions in under 30 seconds, Jules saved the best question for last, here’s how it went down:


Jules Lund: I’ve just opened the envelope with the ten thousand dollar question…

Sophie Monk: We really don’t know what the question is!

Jules: For ten thousand dollars – we hope you win it….

Sophie: You’re making me excited, you’re good at this!

Jules: Alright – Avatar star, Sam Worthington is the current boyfriend of which Hollywood actress?

Sophie: You did not?!

Caller: Is it Sophie Monk?

Jules: For ten thousand dollars, is that right Sophie?

Sophie: What?! Are you doing to me right now??

Jules: Is that correct Sophie? Just confirming right now…

Sophie: Ten thousand bucks are you going to give her?

Jules: Yep.

Sophie: Yes. Yes, I said! Give her the ten thousand dollars! I said yes! I feel like I’m being punked!

Jules: Congratulations Danielle! Unfortunately you won’t get the ten thousand dollars because you work here at the radio station…


Sophie: Are you kidding me?

Jules: But we finally got it out of her!


4. Five clues the Beyonce pregnancy rumours might be true.


5. Kanye West is having a bad week. LIKE, A REALLY bad week…

First he walked into a pole (seriously – take a look).

Now his $750,000 lamborghini has been crushed by Kim K’s driveway gates. The car was being dropped off after a service and… well… This happened:

Photo: splashnewsonline
Photo: splashnewsonline


6. Guess which celebrity compared her post-baby body to a Shar-pei dog?


7. This week’s Red Carpet Wrap Up.

InStyle Magazine’s Women of Style Awards were held on Tuesday Night. Check out the best looks from the night

The Cannes Film Festival kicked off last night and the stars were out in force on the (rain-drenched) red carpet:



8. Isla Fisher has revealed she had a terrifying brush with death on the set of her latest movie, Now You See Me. Click to read about the stunt that went horribly wrong.

Before and After.


9. And just when you thought that the Met Ball red carper bonanza was over… 

Gwyneth has released some behind the scenes pics of her getting ready for the big night on her website Goop. The candid pictures reveal the process she goes through to get red-carpet ready.

The shots are super pervy and rather addictive to look at. What do you think?

Take a look at the rest of pics below:


10. Cute or a liiiiiittle creepy? We can’t decide. Either way, this video of quadruplets giggling is mesmerising. Click to watch.


11. SPOILER ALERT: The Mother was finally revealed in How I Met Your Mother. Click here to find out who it is. (You know you want to.)


12. Never in a million years will you guess what this image is advertising. Even we can’t believe it – and we know the answer. Click to find out.