Claudia Karvan's new Stan original Bump is a funny and touching look at teen pregnancy.

There is nothing we need more on the first day of the new year than a funny and easy-to-watch show to plonk ourselves down in front of.

And thankfully, our friends at Stan have us well and truly covered.

Bump, one of the streaming service's growing list of Australian originals, will be released on January 1 and we've finally been given our first look at Claudia Karvan's new 10-part original series.

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Bump is the latest work from Karvan and the team behind Love My Way and The Secret Life of Us and is bursting with Australian talent. You're going to want to clear your entire New Year's Day schedule because it looks fantastic.

The series centres around Oly, portrayed by new talent Nathalie Morris, an ambitious and high-achieving teenage girl who has a surprise baby. 

Oly knows exactly where she wants to go in life, with an ambitious 10-year plan all mapped out. She wants top HSC marks, to study international relations at university, work for the UN and well, basically save the world. No big deal.

Not found in her plan is a baby - especially a baby while she's still in year 11.

Set in inner Sydney, Oly is at school when she goes into labour, surprising precisely... everyone. Including herself.

Image: Stan. 


Shellshocked, Oly struggles with acknowledging the baby - which would also mean acknowledging her life has taken a very different path to the one she'd planned. 

A lot of adjustment follows as she attempts to juggle being a high schooler and new mother, with the baby's father Santiago (who, oops, is not her boyfriend Lachie) also facing a lot of new responsibility.

Sounds complicated, huh?

Across 10 episodes, we follow Oly through all the issues this brings for her and Santiago's families, friendships and relationships.

Image: Stan. 


Bump is fast-paced, funny and super touching - the perfect combo for a binge watch, which is lucky because all 10 half-hour episodes drop at the same time.

Karvan reunites with producer John Edwards, and also stars as Oly's mother. She is joined by Angus Sampson (Fargo), and a big list of new and exciting talent, including Morris, Carlos Sanson Jnr, Catalina Palma, Safia Arain, Paula Garcia, Ioane Saula, Peter Thurnwald and Ricardo Scheihing Vasquez.

Pick up your New Year's Day snacks ahead of time and get excited to welcome the new year with a bloody good Aussie watch.

All episodes of Bump premiere New Year’s Day, only on Stan.

Feature image: Stan.