Forget Frozen - this toy currently has an 8-week waiting list.





This may actually be the coolest toy idea ever.

Budsies is a US-based company that takes your kids’ drawings, and TURNS THEM INTO REAL TOYS.

Take a look:




Budsies’ founder, Alex furmansky, told Buzzfeed that he came up with the idea when he was trying to think of ways to preserve his little sister’s quirky childhood artworks.

And the company has taken off, with kids all over the US and beyond sending in pictures of their plush creations:


The process is pretty simple: You just send in the artwork you would like made into a toy (they also accept photos so you can create a mini-me). Then Budsies’ creative team get to work creating the best plushie-likeness possible. When the toy is ready, they send to you along with a framed copy of the artwork.

There is currently an 8-week turnaround, so if you want to jump on board you had better make the kids get cracking with that creative brilliance.

Best idea ever.