Seven steps to feeling like a Hollywood star without the big budget.

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If scrolling through your Instagram feed only serves as a daily reminder of how, erm, ordinary your life seems, you’re not alone.

It’s pretty hard to feel special when you’re stuck on a packed tram absorbing the sweat of fifteen strangers while famous Hollywood stars appear to be enjoying a cocktail on the beach during a casual break in Cannes.

But don’t despair – you don’t have to be in Hollywood to feel like a star. And yes, you cant do it without the big budget.

1. Pamper yourself.

Celebs may have their own personal glam squad, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of pampering yourself. Treating yourself to a beauty treatment you wouldn’t do on a daily basis every now and then i perfect for an instant boost.

Whether it’s a massage, facial, spray tan or eyelash extensions (seriously, they’re magic) you’ll instantly feel a little more oomph in your step. You don’t have to spend loads or even leave the house either – run yourself a bubble bath, light some candles, put on a face mask and channel your inner Beyoncé.

Channel your inner Beyoncé. Image:

2. Be your own paparazzi.

No, we're not actually condoning hiring someone to follow you around 24/7 and take photos of you, that would be weird and intrusive. Learn to take your own amazing photos (or download apps that do all the work for you!) and your holiday, sunset snap or morning coffee will never look dull again.

And for days when you're feeling great - have some fun with it!

3. Up the glamour with some new frames.

The easiest way to feel like a Hollywood star is with some seriously glamorous frames. Whether it's for the sun or for your eyesight, glasses have become a stylish accessory in their own right.

Even better, they're a great budget entry point into owning some designer goodies. Specsavers have a huge range of frames from top designers like Alex Perry, ELLERY and Collette Dinnigan.


With a soft spot for Dinnigan, I’m more than a little obsessed with her current range. My favourites? The ever-stylish tortoiseshell frames updated with a modern oval shape that would make Audrey Hepburn jealous. They’re flattering, go-with-anything but still have enough character to make you look twice. Even better, you can get two pairs from just $199. You may not be quite able to afford the red carpet gown, but the frames? Those you can have multiple pairs.


Is there anything better than some seriously gorgeous frames? Image: supplied.

4. Do some good.

It's not all about you - a major part of being a Hollywood star is helping those less fortunate than you. Plus, there's no better way to feel special than seeing your efforts make someone else's day.

Whether it's organising a fundraising bake day at work, giving something up for FebFast or 40 Hour famine, making a monthly donation to a charity of your choice or regularly volunteering your time. Angelina Jolie, eat your heart out.

5. Paint your pout with red lipstick.

There’s a reason a scarlet lip is a classic Hollywood look. A-listers always look put-together and a swipe of red lipstick is the easiest way to achieve that finish with the minimum amount of effort.

Whether you're exhausted from no sleep, lacking confidence for an important meeting or you just need a bit of a mood booster, a bright lipstick in Hollywood red (and you can find some great pharmacy options for under $10) will always do the trick.


Red lip = instant glam. Image: Pexels.

6. Give yourself a daily pep talk.

Comparison is the thief of joy, so don't be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back for the daily goals you kick. Your favourite actress may have just won an Oscar, but managing to go a whole day in white jeans without spilling anything down them is just as impressive an achievement.

Allocate five minutes each day to repeat positive affirmations to yourself in front of a mirror and remind yourself of how good you are and what you’re grateful for.

7. Have one go-to signature, kick-ass outfit.

To exude the confidence of a Hollywood star, everyone should have one outfit or accessory that they put on and feel instantly WOW.

Instant wow. Image:

Whether it’s a classic LBD, a tailored jacket that fits perfectly, a sequin skirt that demands attention or a scarf, bag or pair of earrings that just completes you no matter what you’re wearing, find it and buy two. At least.

When you feel good inside, you look even better.

How do you get dolled up on a budget?

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