Twitter had some wild theories about the 'emergency' royal meeting.

It was 3am in the UK when all Royal staff members were called to Buckingham Palace for an ’emergency’ meeting, to be held first thing on Thursday morning.

Needless to say, such a summons doesn’t happen often and the whole world held its breath…

At the same time as holding its breath, the whole world also engaged in wild speculation. As is the way of Twitter.

Some of the speculation was fearful: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are both in their 90s and there was worry there had been a health scare, or worse.

Much of the speculation was humorous: Harry Potter and the Royal Corgies were commonly referenced.

Quite simply, we were desperate for news.


Now that the reason for the meeting has been confirmed – Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is stepping down from royal duties –  it’s time to look at some of the wildest theories that followed the Queen’s unexpected request.

Voldemort had returned


The Brits were “taking back” the US… or planning something more extreme.


The Corgies were central to a lot of speculation… (Thank God they’re safe)


If it wasn’t the Corgies, it was all about about Prince Harry.


Several theories were over-the-top British.

Perhaps, Queen Elizabeth II was looking for attention…


The Buckingham Palace rooms were up for rent… Holiday, anyone?

Oh, and the Queen was going to be the next Dr. Who… Of course!