An Aussie trans icon on the 'Bruce Jenner Effect'.


Last night, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s special About Bruce revealed the moment Bruce Jenner came out to his children.

Penny Clifford began her transgender journey in the ’80s, when there was next to no information or support on offer.

She talks to Mamamia TV’s Shelly Horton about Bruce Jenner coming out.

How will this help the trans community, and specifically, its older men?



Watch below for more from the interview.

Shelly asks Penny “How does a sex change procedure actually happen?”



Considering Penny Clifford began her transition in the ’80s – when it was still taboo and quite unheard of – Shelly was interested to know how her family reacted.




Penny tells Shelly, “My Mum said, ‘I’d rather have a daughter than lose a son’.”



Shelly asks Penny what her advice would be to others who are at the beginning of their transition.


You can watch below for the full interview uninterrupted. 



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Did you watch last nights special ‘About Bruce’, what did you think?