Why there are no best or worst dressed at this year’s Brownlow Medal.

Imagine going to your partner’s work event and having to walk a red carpet in front of hundreds of media and thousands of strangers who are going to judge what you’re wearing, how you look and rate you out of 10.

Welcome to the hell facing all the wives and girlfriends who are attending tonight’s AFL Brownlow Medal with their footy-playing partners. It’s a night centred around the blokes, yet it’s the women who are being judged.

While no one gives a toss what the men are wearing, these poor women have spent weeks, sometimes months, stressing out about what people will say about them.

Tonight, Mamamia wants to celebrate Red Carpet Kindness by supporting the women at the Brownlow Medal and saying “You look bloody beautiful”. Because while it’s fun to get dressed up for a big night out, this is not their day job.

So we encourage you to spread the kindness and hashtag your support on social media: #KindCarpet.

Click through our gallery to see all the beautiful red carpet looks of the night so far.