This mum goes the extra mile to give her son a smile with his lunchbox.

This mum is cracking up her kids – and parents everywhere – with her awesome decorated lunch bags.

Lunchbox Dad isn’t the only parent making their kids’ school lunches a bit more fun than a plain old sandwich.

Jane Olivier Lea, a primary school art teacher and mum of two, trawls the internet for quirky, funny cartoons, jokes and sayings. She then replicates them on brown paper bags for her sons, aged 12 and 13, to make them smile when it’s time to eat their lunch at school – and they’ll make you smile too.

Jane, who lives in Texas, posts her creations to the Facebook page “My Son’s Lunchbag Drawings”.

“I started it on his first day of 6th grade and we are still going strong a year and a half later,” she says. Wondering how much time it takes to decorate a brown paper bag? Jane has enforced a strict time limit.

“I use only black Sharpies, and if I can’t scribble it onto a bag in two or three minutes, it’s not going on a bag!”

Well then. If two or three minutes is really all the time that’s spent on these fun little works of art then we are seriously impressed. Check them out for yourself …

(Jane Olivier Lea can be followed here on Reddit. All pictures courtesy of Lea’s Facebook page – “My Son’s Lunchbag Drawings”.)