The Chop: The Glow's Site Producer Lizzie goes for a refreshing cut and colour.

Image: Supplied. 

The Glow‘s Site Producer, Lizzie, knew it was time for a chop when the dead ends of her hair began to take up, well, half of her hair. Plus, a fresh new colour might make it feel a little warmer, right?

We got the low-down from Lizzie and her hairdresser Briale Moon, who is based at Edwards and Co in Melbourne, about how she went from unkempt brown hair to a blunt, fresh bronde look.

Q&A with Lizzie.

Lizzie with her fresh new cut. (Image:supplied.)


What made you decide to make a big change?

"I have had my hair a darker shade of brown for quite a while - so I wanted to lighten it up, especially as the weather is getting warmer. I also desperately needed a cut, and because I have such thick hair, it can get out of control quite easily."


What sorts of things were you looking at to get inspiration for your big change?

"Because I haven't had lighter colour in my hair for quite a while, I was researching colours everywhere I could. I love the bronde trend, and decided that's what I wanted to go for. Briale told me that this is a process and I can't go bronde all at once! So we did the first steps. Cut wise - Jessica Alba. Her hair is incredible." (Post continues after gallery.)

 Did you take any images to the hairdresser?

"I took a pic of Cara Delevinge - her hair colour is ultimate."

Cara Delevinge and her lovely bronde hair. (Image via Instagram.)

Who is your hair muse?

"Can I be greedy and have two? I love Cara Delevingne's colour; a creamy bronde colour that I will (hopefully) eventually get to. I also love Jessica Alba's lob - it has the most perfect, tousled texture ."

Q&A with Briale.

How long did this transformation take?

"It was about four hours for the whole process."

Lizzie during the colour process. (Image:supplied.)


What sort of inspiration did you have in mind while you were doing Lizzie’s hair?

"My inspiration for the 'do was putting a spring in Lizzie's step. She asked me to take her on the journey to lighter hair, so we began that process, while keeping the integrity of her hair."

What did the transformation involve?

"The whole process was done with the aid of Olaplex. It was an absolute pleasure looking after Lizzie and I can't wait to get her even lighter."

Are you thinking of going for the chop? Or have you recently got a fab new hairstyle? Tell us about it below.